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  1. I saw this in NCB, and decided it is a topic for main discussion as not everyone (meaning me) regularly go into Non Carp Banter, so I moved it, leaving a link to its new position. I've made the point that as anglers and as people, society as a whole, we are targeted with advertising and marketing of things we don't need, and fishing tackle of most disciplines is the same; products to 'make life easier', that frequently take away personal innovation or make it that everyone is doing the same. Fishing can be cheap and simple, a hook attached to the line with enough weight to get it where we need to cast to, simple barbel, chub and roach fishing, and either a float or rod tip to indicate a take. That is as simple as it gets, BUT, you can't watch a float or rod tip constantly for hours or days at a time. This brings us to our need for bite indication, a buzzer or audible alarm. Tackle has developed, rods that could only cast 50yards back in the 1960's have been superceded by rods that will cast hundreds of metres, and obviously the cost has increased. Reels that could only hold 200metres of line, more modern gears and the baitrunner, or Bite and Run. In alternative disciplines from carp fishing, sea fishing may work out 'cheaper', possibly because some fish may be saving us food money, as well as being leisure, although I admit lug and rag is expensive unless you dig it yourself. In terms of waters, many are overpriced; clubs, day ticket even syndicate waters. I can't justify £25 per night to fish a day ticket lake, nor can I justify £235 for the local club (including night ticket) when my syndicate is £500. There's more to say, but I'll save a few thoughts for further discussion...
  2. You're welcome. There were some massive bream in the big lake, double figures. The tench fishing in the small lake can be fun as well, especially on the float.
  3. Spent a lot of time on GAPS waters over the years, I can go back to 1984! Causeway, lovely lake, but hard work for carp. The sound of the A14 always seems to do my head in. Alderson, nice venue, the big lake can be crowded, and more than 5 carp anglers it will be cutting each other off. I used to prefer the intimacy of the small lake. I never fished the canal. On both lakes the carp can be caught on floaters at times.
  4. That's the Solar buzzer bars with the goalpost adaptors, so I can use either pod or sticks. With the ground being so soft sticks work. Had to keep the tips up, still a lot of weed about.
  5. I googled it, 3552 I might actually have been bored enough myself to play with the mathematics so came up with 3000.
  6. I believe that 1pint of maggots is 3000 grubs for some reason, I've not counted them, but now I might have to, to be sure. I've seen it both ways, a couple of mates were fishing a lake in winter for roach, baiting up with half a pint of maggots in small swimfeeders and getting 'plagued' by carp disturbing the swim. A 20lb carp takes a while to land on a size 16 hook and 2.6lb hooklink to 5lb mainline on a feeder rod. Then as B B says, other places really respond to heavy baiting. Spodding in maggots and fishing PVA bags of them over the top. Not my favourite method but a couple of pole anglers at Suffolk Water Park match lakes were fishing massive pole floats and continually firing in maggots over the float. It may be prolific but they were catching some fish to double figures.
  7. We grow old and grey disgracefully... Imagine the children of today who don't experiment to find out why or whether an idea works, but simply follow it slavishly from Nash, Korda, Tom Dove, or Elliot Greys social media page...
  8. I do remember you with no eyebrows... Did you end up pencilling them back on? Didn't see pink reels or rods back then! I seem to remember someone did some DPM green and brown alarms, can't remember who though.
  9. By live bait I take it you mean maggots or worms. Saying that I've heard of carp eating small gudgeon or silver fish targeting perch or pike, along with deadbaits. I've rarely fished maggots specifically for carp, although I have put maggots in my groundbait for them. My winter baits tend to be boilies or sweetcorn. Normally I've fished the water all through and the fish are eating my boilies. It will also depend on the water.
  10. Must admit I've been on army surplus combat trousers in olive green, DPM or MTP for years. Some of my olive green ones have faded, but not ripped on brambles and the like. In fact the only rips have come when they are worn so thin after around 10years old. It was information on the Combat Pro clothing I was after more than anything. As I said above, and before, most of my clothing stuff comes from either army surplus or Hoggs of Fife. Not found anything close from a fishing tackle brand.
  11. Just had a couple of interesting adverts appear on my Facebook feed, does anyone know anything about Combat Pro clothing and the streetwear trousers? https://coral-clay.com/products/combatpro-defender-jacket?_pos=1&_sid=f545427af&_ss=r https://coral-clay.com/products/combatpro-defender-set?_pos=3&_sid=f545427af&_ss=r https://coral-clay.com/products/urban-cargo-streetwear-trousers?_pos=2&_sid=96121b9ec&_ss=r
  12. @newmarket might be the person to ask. He did used to live nearby I believe
  13. I used to use special shaped ones particularly as hookbaits, avoiding round ones the same size as my freebies on the hook. Glugged cubes or larger baits that stood out meant I never mixed my baits up.
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