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  1. I'm not a fan of Sonik tackle full stop! Too many problems with rod rings, and lastly the weld on a chair that I don't think made 3years. I have been through landing nets over 30years, and there are a couple of manufacturers who stand out for landing nets that last: Gardner Tackle, I think the current standard is the GTN. Rod Hutchinson Sceptre Landing Net 42inch. The first fish i landed in it was a 30lb common, and its usually the first of my two I set up. Easy to set up, and to take apart Fox Warrior 42, brilliant, still in use, although had a number of new meshes fitted. It always seems to be easier to pop open on one arm to get get it out of the spreader. I did have a Nash Outlaw landing net, yep, me praising a Nash item. Why oh why do manufacturers replace a good item with often inferior newer versions?
  2. I'm still using my Aqua rod sling that I got 20years ago. I hope the new stuff is as durable as it was back then, although the plastic lining is starting to crack and flake.
  3. Thanks, I spend a lot of time in the water hunting for feeding spots and clear patches when I'm at the lake. I know the course of the old stream bed, and pretty much know when the shallows get to swan reach depth. The swans can get to be a right pain. There are 3 pairs on the lake, one at the dam and who is extremely dominant and a pair two thirds of the way up who regularly argue with the shallows pair. We then have as many as 150 to 200 transient swans who are not yet old enough to have a territory that have been ejected by their parents. The dominant pairs (males especially) will attack or bully them. The Fens on the Norfolk and Suffolk border are a big area for the younger swans. We don't feed them, but some of the reserves do. For us swans can get onto bait or go through lines with absolutely no idea, yet geese and ducks avoid the lines.
  4. I normally get pop-up mix from BAF. https://www.britishaquafeeds.com/pop-ups-and-wafters For normal size pop-ups I put them through a rolling table as per normal baits and boil them keeping them moving. For the tiny ones they are all done by hand. For a boilie or maize on the hook, I go back to a standard hair rig and line aligner with a rig ring on the shank.
  5. My thoughts as well, barbel are a river fish, and from what I've seen do not grow as well or as big in a still water.
  6. I still use size 6's, and the rig is short, no more than from base of palm to tip of middle finger. I normally put the whole rig in a PVA bag of very small pellets, crushed boilies and ground breadcrumb.
  7. Weird how some cause grief, yet for others including myself, never had a problem. Incidentally, "no bleeps on a take", that can happen on a drop back, no matter what alarm, and the cause is apparently water resistance and heavy indicators preventing the alarm sounding. I was actually talking to a friend this week about the very issue, and I think the name he mentioned was Martin Crackoff on YouTube where the heavy indicators were deadening indication, so the answer was actually to go light. We don't help ourselves with semi-fixed leads!
  8. It might not just be down to aniseed, it could actually be the whole pigeon conditioner and hookbait. Small particles can get the fish grubbing, but quite frequently they won't take a big bait over them, a 15mm boilie is too big. It may be that you need to be using hookbaits no bigger than 10mm, or the size of say 2 grains of sweetcorn. I've had to come up with a presentation of small baits on the syndicate if I fish over particles, and that involves 2 6mm pop-ups meshed together on a Multi-rig, or the next experiment, meshed grains of hemp tied to the hook. The alternative option is to use bigger baits in your groundbait or freebies, and that's not just a few bigger boilies in your pigeon conditioner, but bigger freebies altogether. I say "bigger baits in your groundbait or freebies", but sometimes the carp will ignore the boilies themselves, so your bigger freebies may be bigger particles like maples, chick peas, kidney beans, or even just boilies as the freebies.
  9. I love to disappear and be uncontactable. I'm the same, about no mobile signal. Part of the problem is that different providers have different signal. As an example, near Botesdale and Redgrave, Vodafone is absolutely awful, signal will come and go from 4/5G one or two bars to Emergency calls only, yet EE offers an almost continous 4/5G. Worse is it is not consistent, always one provider with best signal, it is fragmented, some areas if O2 or Vodafone have masts in the area, you will get signal, where if EE or Three whoever don't, you won't.
  10. Before I fished Virginia at Earith I spent 2 days feature finding and pre-baiting. I mapped out the whole lake for myself and @brucelait, I know I had a hand drawn copy, I think we had one each. Over 2 years I had a total of 4 blanks, and 2 of them were when the lake froze over while I was fishing. I can't remember how many fish we had, but it was hundreds and many were over 20lb. It's not that hard. If you want full depths and distances then a float and lead, if you are happy with just 'rough' then a lead alone. Use braid to a 30lb mono ( Amnesia) shockleader for a better feel, with a run ring and 3 or 4oz lead (maybe a lead link), and a marker float at the end. Obviously cast out and feel around; gravel feels 'bumpy', sand is smooth, clay often a bounce as the lead comes free then slides smoothly, silt is the lead pulls free, but slides slowly. Weed almost pulls back, jams, comes through, sticks, and repeat. Hold the line tight down, then pull a foot of line off the reel at a time until the float reaches the surface. Weed might stop it, even with a lead link. If you use just a lead you are counting it down from the cast, I've always used roughly a metre a second, but it won't 'donk' on or in silt or weed. You then have to clip up once you find the spot and get the distance on sticks or walking it out. I can't remember who said it, I think Dave Lane, mono is a smoother cast, and on distance sticks I think recommended taking a wrap off for the fishing rods. So if you got 15wraps with the marker rod and braid, go 14 with mono on your fishing rods.
  11. I'm upset, I mean, they said 08.20 and it was 09.50.😆 Fed-ex usually deliver at the first time mentioned, not within the time bracket. Seriously, that is some service from Johnson Ross, and to be honest from Fed-ex. I know the depot is not in Ipswich so fair play.
  12. If I go mail order for anything I will only use them and The Tackle Box
  13. After a weld broke on my Sonik SK-Tec chair mid session I had to buy a new one online. Poetic justice in a way as I didn't like how the locking legs didn't... CH04 Solar SP C-Tech Recliner Chair Low-with arms CLEARANCE DEAL £99.99, they were around £180. I know its a low chair, but needs must and other than a normal deck type chair which I will get for taking to the beach, the Solar is the best available. Johnson Ross got the order around 15.00 hours Friday, and delivery has already been quoted by Fed-ex as between 08.20 and 12.20 Monday! That is some service.
  14. Obviously I got the distances myself, but used Google Earth to get the actual satellite shot.
  15. I might split the thread about feature finding. This was Google Earthed
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