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  1. If we now go back to the mechanics of the hair rig: The fish sucks in the bait, and attempts to spit it. The bare hook pricks its lip and it “bolts” off. Now with a heavy fixed lead in place, as the fish bolts the weight of the lead pulls the hook more firmly into its mouth and the fish is on before you have even seen the bite. To achieve this you need at least 2 ½ ounces of lead and I prefer 3 oz or more. https://www.ontariocarpfishing.com/carp-fishing-made-easy.html (I don't know how to choose, I listened to this person.)
  2. I use 3.5 ounces of lead under any circumstances. Is this reasonable?
  3. When you go fishing How many fishing rods do you use? What is the distance between the fishing rods?
  4. I want to buy some carp fishing books. Can you recommend them? I want to learn more about carp fishing.
  5. I mainly fish in the reservoir. Excuse me, Which carp rig is the best?
  6. Thank you very much for your reply! Which is the best fishing line and hook brand?
  7. Although the foundries are based in China, they are required not to sell in China. I saw that Salokcinnodrog has a unique understanding of fishing, so I asked him, because you know, the performance of fishing tackle is not tied to the price. For example, I saw that he admired Gardner muggas's hook instead of Korda's.
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