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  1. Hi does anyone now if the Titan Hide XL Ground sheet fits the new Hide XL Camo ? Im going to buy the new bivvy one but will keep the old g/sheet if it fits. cheers Rich
  2. thanks, have you ever used either of these two below? it will be for both spodding and marking so really want one as light as possible. budgets 200 - 300. cheers Century SM (Spodding Machine) Rod 12ft Daiwa Longbow DF Spod N Marker Rod 12ft
  3. HI, has anyone had any experience of this spod rod? I thought as its 12 '6 it may help spodding by being that 6" longer than my 12' rods? cheers
  4. HI, when fishing at my maximum distance - about 120yrds i struggle to spod there with my 12ft FS CTX rod. Would a 13ft Spod rod help me get there do you think?
  5. Hi does anyone think a 3.25tc is too stiff on a 10ft rod for casting ? will the shorter length of the rod amplify the TC ?
  6. Hi, i rang Century yesterday and he said it was a 6 i 1 6 model not 6 1 1 6 from 2016 ish. Really nice on the phone. Was fine talking about the rod even though it wasn't a 'new sale' I can see why people think highly of them and their kit.
  7. HI, has anyone got or owned a set of the Century rods above? How old do you think they are? its got the number 6116 on the blank so i presume that's a model number? cheers
  8. How much further distance do you get on casting with using a 14000 over a 5500 reel or is it all really on the line capacity and the larger diameter line you can cast with the bigger reel. I find the 14000 a big heavy thing and try not to use them !
  9. HI, has anyone been over with bait in the last few weeks? were there any issues? I cant really see french customs being that bothered with 10kg of boilies but you never know?!!
  10. Hi, im thinking of changing my Free spirit CTX 12'6 3,25 for either of the rods above? The CTX are a nice rod but are heavy and you know about it after a day casting and spodding! I have a set of 10ft rods that i use mostly so will only use these for 40% of my fishing. If anyone has these and could give me feedback that would be great or any other alternatives for around 150-170 per rod. chers
  11. I have just spooled some 18lb ESP synco loaded line to my Ultegra 14000's in readiness for France in a few weeks. ive never used heavier than 15lb and know it will shorten the distance of my cast. I normally use a 3 or 3.5oz lead. Will using a 4oz lead help me keep some distance? also will i be able to give a cast full 'beans' with no shock leader? cheers
  12. HI, has anyone got one of these? are they any good? are the Carbon ones much better or just lighter? cheers
  13. https://www.anglingdirect.co.uk/tronixpro-interlock-snap-swivels?queryID=764df10bc9ec75676959f3f7ce86666c&objectID=85999&indexName=live_ad_uk_products i thought maybe these as the round end may allow more movement than a traditional swivel (even the large one) ?
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