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Making pop-ups

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Making pop-ups.


I do make my own special pop-up hookbaits with a special flavour combination that has worked well for me.


 I work on a 1 egg mix with the flavours, oils and attractors as a 6 egg quantity.

For pop-ups I do use Mainline Polaris or Richworths Pop-up mix, dependant on which is easily available. A 1 egg mix lasts me usually a whole year.


So added to 1 egg is 5ml of Ultraspice Flavour, 2.5ml Verselle Laga Garlic Oil, 20ml Marine 17 liquid and 10ml Tunamino liquid, and the whole lot is whisked together and the base mix gradually added until it is stiff enough to roll. 


As I said a 1 egg mix produces enough pop-ups for a whole year, this year I rolled a load of 20mm and some 14mm baits.


I boil the baits in boiling water for 1minute and then leave to dry overnight, before adding a bit of extra liquid.

The 20mm I added a touch of red dye in with the extra liquids.


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18 hours ago, cloud9 said:

I like the blue/black ones...... only five red one's? next year's catch reports are going to be far between but hopefully some mega fish.....

A 1 egg mix makes around 80 baits, so I actually have 160 in total, half of each.

Of each mix I have done a few in 20mm compared to the other 15mm😉


If the crays  are active I will use most of them.

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I promised I would do an article type write up on making my pop-ups so here it is:

I mix 25% of each semolina, full fat soya flour, ground rice and cork dust, or use a ready prepared pop-up mix.
If you mix the ingredients, you do need that much cork dust to get them to popup.

For 1 egg I add 2.5ml of Garlic Oil, 2.5ml of RH Megaspice, 2.5ml of Glycerine and 15ml of Solar Marine 17 liquid, along with 2.5ml of Dr. Oetker food colouring, and give it a good whisk. I add the powder and mix well until I have a very stiff mix for rolling. 

I roll it using a rolling table into sausages and long table into balls. I drop the balls into a bucket with a little of the powder to stop them sticking together.

Once my pan of water is boiling I put the pop-ups in for 1minute and 30seconds. It makes no difference boiling for any  longer and you actually boil out the flavour. I then sieve them out onto a tea towel to dry for 24 hours before putting into bait tubs.







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7 minutes ago, Dannygooner said:

Is it cause they are cheaper or that they are better you make them instead of buying?

Because no one makes a Garlic Spice pop-up. I found it a very effective combination on a lot of waters. I have used them on supposed runs waters to my season ticket lake, and for me they outfish other bought pop-ups. I still have various bought flavours and try them, but the Garlic Spice catch more.



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2 hours ago, Gabriel said:

Hi ! 

I tried to make my own pop-ups I used up 1 pound of sodium caseinat but not good ... I tried 50% sodium caseinat 50% soy 5 g egg white 15g egg powder but does not float ... What could be wrong? 



Just put a cork ball in it saves all the headaches

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Other pop up options. I use 5% cork dust to make wafters, 10% for pop ups. (Buy a litre of cork dust for a fiver off ebay). I just roll that into the base mix before boiling for a minute to 90 secs.

 I also balance bottom baits using kids foam shapes I buy from pond shops. This not only balances the bait (you do have to recheck balance after a night in the water), but also adds a visual "topper" that can help with some waters. basically acting like a snowman to balance the bait.

Yellow foam can be good when you've baited with corn.

You can also add cork once you've drilled out a bait too. Fox do a kit with drill and cork lengths to make "plugs".

Just some ideas.

I will be trying some of the flouro kits from AA sometime this year.

Also, really like the sound of garlic spice @salokcinnodrog ;) 

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10 hours ago, rob79 said:

readymade pop up mix i used in the passed was rubbish, so made my own but a bit pricey.

which one do you use? thx.

I have found that consistency of pop-up mixes is getting worse. Mainline Polaris sometimes is brilliant, other times it is pants. 

I have since tried the BAF pop-up mix and that is good. Only thing is that I will end up with a couple of years pop-ups as I'm not using many at the moment. 

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15 hours ago, rob79 said:


many thanks for the BAF pop-up mix tip, i'll order some soon..

I will second the BAF mix. I used Polaris and  ccmoore prior to using BAF. There’s on winner hands down. 

I have 14mm pop ups holding up big size 4 hooks for days on end out in the lake. It also hardens up nicely to create a hard bait whereas the ccmoore mix used to create a more spongy bait. 

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