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    fudgecat got a reaction from David_Ridgers in Charlie wants to go fishing   
    My cat charlie is always in my fishing bag. All he wants is to go fishing.

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    fudgecat got a reaction from nealjt in Charlie wants to go fishing   
    My cat charlie is always in my fishing bag. All he wants is to go fishing.

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    fudgecat reacted to levigsp in Unhooking hooks   
    The hook should be pushed out following the entry route as close as possible.
    Barbed hooks tend to go in then not move and if pushed the opposite way cause less damage then trying to twist them etc as this only enlarges the entry and internal hole.
    The best way to achieve this is to either use a discorger pushed down the line to the bend of the hook and then keep pushing the opposite way to the entry.
    Or a pair of forceps on the bend of the hook and again push the opposite to entry.
    All but the most stubborn hooks will come out neatly like this.
    Big barbs sometimes stop the hook moving if embedded in cartilage and will take a bit more moving, hold the hook tight and give the back of the holding hand a sharp tap with your other hand
    If the point and barb go right through to the outside cut the hook in half with a pair of cutters
    Whilst I am at it I will try to explain the correct way to remove a barbed hook from ones own person.
    Imagine the hook is embedded deep in the end of you left index finger,
    Get a length of fishing line 60cm long; tie the two ends together so you have a continuos loop.
    Put the loop over the hook and slide it down until it sits on the bend of the hook, now trap the shank of the hook with you left hand thumb tightly against your index finger,
    With your right hand get hold of the loop of line and give it a quick sudden jerk or better still get someone else to do it.
    I was shown this way to remove hooks by the late Fred J and was again shown in hospital when I got a size 4 single embedded in my face.
    It works a treat and I have successfully removed barbed hooks as big as 8-00, painful but no long lasting problems.
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    fudgecat got a reaction from Phil in Coventry canal   
    Hiya partner welcome to the forum someone be with you shortly     
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    fudgecat reacted to androoooo in come on then, what pets you got or would like   
    Just the one cat a new addition last November on insistence by the Mrs.


    She (the cat not the mrs) acts more like a dog and rolls over to have her tummy rubbed at any opportunity. My friends when they visit say she's like the be more dog cat of the advert.
    She's also quite a good hunter and at least a few times a week we are greeted by dead birds or mice in various states when we go down for breakfast.

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    fudgecat reacted to Thats carpy! in come on then, what pets you got or would like   
    Dogs are awesome but I don't have one at the moment!
    I do however keep 4 snakes
    1 x common boa
    1 x Columbian/common boa
    1 x kayuadi reticulated python
    1 x apricot pueblan milksnake
    and a red footed tortoise!
    There enough of a hand full at the moment with 3 of my snakes being large constrictors!
    All good fun though!

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    fudgecat reacted to newmarket in Ardleigh Reservoir   
    Yeh make sure you have a compass & a prayer mat
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    fudgecat reacted to welder in come on then, what pets you got or would like   
    Jake and Dexter, chocolate labs. The pic was taken a few years ago but still they're healthy, happy and daft as brushes.
    We also have an identical pair of long blonde-haired cats which sleep with the dogs at night, all sharing a large duvet. It's a lovely sight TBH.
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    fudgecat reacted to realgap in genesis lake   
    hi all,just a quick message about my trip to genesis lake,one word AWESOME,i had 30 fish in a week totaling 641 lb of carp the biggest being 34 lb,i also had 18 fish over 20 lb and 12 fish over 24lb.my pb was 24 lb before i left for france,i would just like to mention eddy & val who were superb hosts and val is an excellent cook,eddy is very forthcoming with advice about how to fish the lake so dont be shy asking him for info,now i know alot of carp anglers are mad about taking their own boillies,cell boillies are very popular but in my opinion and its only my opinion you will not go wrong with eddys fresh crab +maple and tiger nut & scopex 20 mm boillies and at £7.50 a kilo they are value for money.plus they work,i will be going back next year and cant wait.
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    fudgecat reacted to salokcinnodrog in Norfolk Waters   
    Aldeby Hall Fruit Farm Lakes, Beccles
    5 small Pits: Otter - Crossing Water - Long Water - Round Water - Bridge Water .
    Good treelined woody mixed fishery with variety of stocks and carp to 28lb plus.
    Depths between 2 and 8 feet, and the water is normally well coloured. Wooden Stagings in all swims which cater for Disabled Anglers
    Tickets from:Paul Gibbs - 01502 678121
    1 rod £6 2 rods £9 3 rods £12 8am to 8 am includes night.
    The lakes can be found on the A143 about a mile on the way to Aldeby.
    Barford Lakes Fishery, Barford
    There are four lakes at the main Barford Lakes Complex (which includes the Training Lake). Barford Pleasure Lake, 35 pegs,
    Top Lake, 15/16 swims, Training Lake, 7 swims and the Match only Match Lake. Depths Range from 6 to 15feet deep. Carp are the Main species up to 20lb, although other species are present. Some of the lakes and pegs are suitable for Disabled Anglers
    Contact: Barford Lakes and Tackle Shop, Chapel Street, Barford, Norwich, Norfolk NR9 4BJ Tel: 01603 759624
    Email: sarah@barfordlakes.co.uk
    Route: From Norwich follow the A47 towards Dereham, then take the B1108 towards Watton, then follow the signs to Barford.
    After entering Barford on the B1108 you will see a pub called The Cock Inn and there is a Fiat garage opposite. Take the road opposite the pub which is Cock Street. Continue to the end and turn right at the T-junction and carry on through the village for about a quarter of a mile. You will then notice that on the right hand side the road is lined with oak trees. Keep looking to the right and you will see our 300-yard gravel driveway, signed Barford Lakes.
    Bawburgh Lake Norwich
    This 12 acre Gravel Pit varies in depth between 2 and 18 feet, offering a variety of shallow plateaux and deep gullies. The Carp are well into 20lb mark, as well as other species.
    This is a Members only water of the Norfolk Anglers Consultative Association.
    Route: From Norwich take the Dereham Road towards Bowthorpe, and turn left at the Bowthorpe Roundabout. Turn Right at the Traffic lights and proceed to the mini roundabout, take the right turn down the narrow Bawburgh Road. Bawburgh Lake is on the right of the track.
    Blickling Lake Blickling near Aylsham, North Norfolk.
    Set in the grounds of Blickling Hall, owned by the National Trust. This open water of over 20 acres is shallow and weedy at the hall end. Depths vary from 6ft to 10ft at dam wall end.Mixed Fishery with Bream, Roach, Tench and Carp to Double Figures.
    No night fishing.TICKETS:£3.50 on the bank.CONTACT:01263 734181
    Booton Clay Pit, Booton
    This triangular tree surrounded pit is about 4 acres. There are beds of reeds topping the shallow bars. Carp run to over 30lb
    Contact: Cawston Angling Club
    Route: From Norwich take the road to Reepham. Just before Reepham village take the road to Haveringland and Buxton.
    The pit is on the left after about one and a half miles, well hidden by a hedge of Tall Trees.
    Common Charity Lakes, Lenwade
    Situated on Lenwade Common these Lakes are controlled by Great Witchingham Fuel Allotment Charity, and comprise 3 lakes between 2 and 5 acres. Depths vary betweem 5 and 15 feet and the water is usually very clear. There are other species as well as Carp to 20lb+.
    Route: From Norwich take the A1067 Fakenham road into Lenwade and then take the first left after the Village Bakery and Butchers shop. This leads directly to the fishery and Car Park.
    Cobbleacre Lake, Hevingham Norwich
    This is a complex of 3 gravel and Claypits varying in size between 3 1/2 acres and 1/4 acre.
    The Largest lake varies in depth from 4 to 12 feet with carp to over 25lb. The other 2 are more General Coarse fisheries.
    Route: From Norwich take the B1149 Holt Roadpassing through Horsford. 3/4 of a mile past the Shorthorm Crossroads turn right alongside the woodyard down Brick Kiln Road. The entrance to the lakes is on the right past Baileys Barn
    Costessey Pits No2 and 3, Costessey
    Owned by Anglian Water, these 2 pits are known as the Ski Pit (No2), where Water Skiing takes place and the Carp Lake (No3).
    No2 is approximately 15acres and has depths between 8 and 12 feet. The water is usually well coloured and has Carp to over 30lb as well as other species. Level swims are provided for Wheelchair anglers near the Main Car Park. Day and Season Tickets are available
    from Anglian Water Office at Taverham Mills.
    No3 covers 6 acres and averages over 10 feet deep. The swims are cut in woodland around the margins of the lake.
    The Carp go to over 40lb. There is a Syndicate on this lake.
    Contact for both waters: Anglian Water 01603 861014.
    Route: From Norwich take the Dereham Road towards the Norfolk Showground. At the Roundhouse pub turn right into Longwater Lane.
    At the end by the school turn left and then take the next right turn towards Taverham. The Lakes are then on the right.
    Cranworth/Woodrising Water Meadows
    This 2 acre man made lake has 2 islands and is shaped like a figure of eight. Depths vary from 2-10feet and the water is well coloured.
    There is a prolific stock of Carp to over 20lbs. Crayfish are also present in the water. Caravanners and Camp site is also available.
    Route: From Norwich take the B1108 Watton road to Hingham, just beyond the village look out on the right for the road to Shipden, follow the Cranworth signs and the lake is near to Jubilee farm on the right.
    Felmingham Mill LAKES, Aylsham.
    Three lakes, depths vary from 3 to 10 feet and contain good stocks of Roach, Tench, Crucian Carp and some double figure Carp to 15lb
    Day Ticket £3.50 and OAP £2.00 Tel. 01263 735106
    Northfield Lakes (formerly Holmans Pits), Southery
    Two well established oval shaped Clay Pits of around 1 and 11/2 acres. Depths vary between 2 and 7 feet. Carp to over 20lb and other species.
    Day Tickets. Contact Tel 01366 377551
    Route: From Downham Market take the A10 towards Ely for around 5miles and then turn into Southery on the B1386. Entrance to the lakes is the second farm turning on the left
    Home Lake, Aylsham
    Natural spring fed lake, 30 well laid out swims, sheltered. Carp to 32 lb, high average size (20+).
    Taswood Lakes
    This venue is a collection of 5 lakes, Heron, Broadwing and Spring Lakes all contain some nice carp but Broadwing contains probably the largest of the carp including all the strains mirror's, common's and some great grass carp. All the lakes contain large grass carp so for anyone seeking a big grassie the perhaps is no better place to have a go than this venue
    Route: From Norwich take the A140 to Newton Flotman, then the right turn to Flordon. After about a mile and a half take the left turn to Tasburgh, the lakes are on the left.
    Taverham Mills Lake, Taverham
    Controlled by Anglian Water This beautiful 20acre Lake is almost completely Tree lined, and has extensive Lily Beds. The depths range from 3 feet down to 15foot. As well as Tench and Bream to Double figure there are Carp to over 30lb. Tickets are available from the Fishery Lodge/ Tackle Shop on site. Facilities include Holiday Lodges, Tackle Shop and Toilet. There are both Season and Day Tickets available.
    Contact: Anglian Water Tel 01603 861014. www.taverham-mill.com
    Route: from Norwich take the A1067 Fakenham Road into Drayton, and turn left immediately after the Petrol Station. Follow this road
    into Taverham until you reach the Crossroads. The Fishery is then on the left right next to the Prepatory School at the end of a long drive.
    Thompson Water, near Merton, Norwich
    This huge reed lined lake of over 30acres is for the most part between 2 and 5 feet deep, although there are holes to over 10 feet deep.
    As well as Carp to over 20lbs there are other species.
    Contact: Tel: 01953 883370
    Route: From Norwich, take the B1108 Watton Road into Watton, then the B1110 road into Merton and through into Thompson Village.
    Turn down Marlpit Lane on the rightand carry on down to the unmade Peddars way (Roman Road), and the lake is on the left.
    University Broad Lake Norwich
    This 10 acre Gravel Pit is the only large fishable stillwater actually inside the City Boundary of Norwich.
    Depths range from 4 to 20 feet, with deep water around much of the margins. As well as Rudd, roach, Tench and Bream, there are Carp to over 20lb.
    This Lake is controlled by the University of East Anglia, and is Members Only.
    Contact: Mr. Paul Fountain, Finance Division, The Registry,University of East Anglia, Norwich, Norfolk, NR4 7TJ
    Route: Take the B1108 Watton Roadfrom the Centre of Norwich and then turn left into Bluebell road in Earlham Village.
    The University and the Broad can be seen in the Yare valley on the right.
    Waveney Valley Lakes Wortwell
    This complex is probably the best stocked group of Carp Fisheries in East Anglia. Heartsmere, Yew Tree, Marsh Lake, and the Alphabetically named lakes. Depths range from 3 to 12 feet deep over the complex. Many of the Lakes contain Carp to over 30lb.
    On site there are full facilities, Tackle shop, showers, toilets etc. There are Caravans to hire as well as Day Ticket Lakes.
    Route: From Norwich take the A140. After Long Stratton take the left turn to Pulham Market, continue along this road, the B1134into Harleston, and then take the road into Wortwell village. The Lakes are well signposted and in the centre of Wortwell on the right.
    Wensum Fisheries, Costessey
    Four well established old gravel working lakes in the Wensum Valley, varying in size between 2 and 10 acres, with depths to 14 feet.
    Clear Water Lake and Rainbow Pool hold Carp amongst other species.
    This fishery is controlled by Norwich and District Angling Association.
    Route: Take the Dereham Road from Norwich City Centre until the Roundhouse Public House and Longwater Lane on the right.
    Follow the road to the end and turn left, then take the next right towards Taverham. The Lakes entrance is on the right, actually between the entrances to Costessey No2 and No3 Pits.
    I do have a list of other venues, if anyone would like to PM with updated contact information etc I look forward to adding it to these:
    Wallnut Tree Farm Pool Attleborough Blickling Lake Aylsham Stonegate Lake Aylsham Felmingham Mill Lake Aylsham Home Lake Aylsham Little Lake Land Bungay Chapel Road Lake Cromer Granary Lakes Dereham Dereham Tatts Pit Downham Market Fakenham Willsmore Water Fakenham Gimmingham Lakes Gimmingham Great Melton Reservoir Great Melton Pentney Carp Lakes Kings Lynn Tottenhill Pit Kings Lynn Fosters End Pit Kings Lynn Wood Lakes Kings Lynn West Lexham Moat Kings Lynn Marlingford Mere Norwich Shallow Brook Carp Lake Norwich Reepham Fisheries Norwich Ringland Lakes Norwich Lyng Easthaugh Pits Norwich Bramley Lake Norwich Felthorpe Lakes Norwich Haveringland Lake Norwich Bridge Lake Norwich Abbey Waters - Buckenham Norwich Ling Gravel Works Norwich Bedingham Pit Pit Shippham Geens Pit Snetterton Chiswick Pit Stow Bardolph Little Dunham Carp Lakes Swaffham Bradmoor Lakes Swaffham Billingford Pit Swanton Scottow Pond Swanton Abbot Nunnery Lakes Thetford Highfield Fisheries Thorpe Abbots Holkham Hall Lake Wells-next-the-sea Beeston Lake Wroxham Hoveton Hall Lake
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    fudgecat got a reaction from johnplumb in Charlie wants to go fishing   
    My cat charlie is always in my fishing bag. All he wants is to go fishing.

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    fudgecat reacted to andy52 in Meet Charles   
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    fudgecat reacted to johnplumb in Meet Charles   
    He is , Charles looks like he could do no wrong .here is Bill as a kitten and now .


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    fudgecat reacted to ouchthathurt in Meet Charles   
    You think that dog looks broken? Check out mine... Looks proper knackered! Yes, i gave her easter eggs and told my kids she is the real easter bunny...!

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    fudgecat got a reaction from Gaz in Meet Charles   
    Wow 22 years old thats fantastic   Hope the one that unwell get better soon.
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    fudgecat got a reaction from Gaz in Meet Charles   
    Thanks he called Charles but has nickname Charliecat. He always wants to go outside at about 2 am and returns about 7 am for breakfast then sleeps all day.
    He had a brother called Fudgecat that was killed about 18 months ago by a mad motorist, So as you can see i took on his name in his memory. Hence my name fudgecat
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    fudgecat got a reaction from Gaz in Meet Charles   
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    fudgecat reacted to cyborx in daddy and mommy come out to play   
    after allowing myself to be coerced into going piking at my local club venue by my nephew, i hit into my my PB of around 12lb or so ( prev was a jack of about 4-5lb)
    around half hour later mommy popped up to thank me for looking after hubby lol
    yet another PB of exactly 25lb, an angler from the otherside of the pool came puffing round with his scales for a look
    nephew blanked,,, result lol
    first time of putting pics up on this site, i hope it works cos they are well worth the look
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