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  1. Hiya partner welcome to the forum someone be with you shortly
  2. Where is the genesis lake please ?
  3. My cat charlie is always in my fishing bag. All he wants is to go fishing.
  4. fudgecat

    Meet Charles

    Hope bill gets better soon What a lovely cat.
  5. fudgecat

    Meet Charles

    Wow 22 years old thats fantastic Hope the one that unwell get better soon.
  6. fudgecat

    Meet Charles

    Thanks he called Charles but has nickname Charliecat. He always wants to go outside at about 2 am and returns about 7 am for breakfast then sleeps all day. He had a brother called Fudgecat that was killed about 18 months ago by a mad motorist, So as you can see i took on his name in his memory. Hence my name fudgecat
  7. Fantastic pictures and fish congrats to you.I bet they were hard to land
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