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  1. Our main water has been ditched this year and we are going to join a local club who run 3 waters one well stocked , one lightly stocked weedy harder water and one that is linked to the Thames and has produced fish into the 30's but obviously no one has a clue what is in there at any given time so that's quite exciting .no night fishing allowed on any of the waters so this will be a very different year for us and hopefully a nice change
  2. I have a reaper , can't tell you how long the AA batteries last but can't remember thinking they needed changing to often , I think you can buy 24 Duracell + for around £8 on ebay I would be interested to hear how you get on with it , have you used it yet ?
  3. Personally I wouldn't of hit that , I like to wait till I'm really sure .
  4. Welcome carp hauler , give us a bit more info on yourself , where are you located , what waters do you fish ?
  5. Thanks , need all the luck we can get . We're fishing Orchard Place Farm , fished there in a few of the heats so we feel we have an idea on how to fish it , hopes are high
  6. My latest fishing related purchase is entry into the BCAC this year
  7. Hi Steve, I remember a Thinking Tackle at a lake in France , they were told you had to fish at distance with huge beds of particle or you would not catch . Adam Penning , a self confessed boilie angler stuck with what he knew he caught something like 20 fish , the rest of the lake only produced a few fish over the week . I'm not saying the advise Is wrong but don't get to hung up on it , sometimes doing what you know and are confident with is the way to go . Good luck .
  8. Don't know if if this has been mentioned but if you've ever fancied it you now can . IF you have enough money http://nashlakes.com/
  9. Good luck to anyone going and well done to anyone catching .
  10. It's got nothing to do with not wanting to catch a fish that big and certainly not jealousy. It's about the predictability of it all . Show me a river fish or a fish out of a huge pit that has never been caught that breaks the record and I'll get excited
  11. For me the British carp record has got a bit boring, for the past 15 years or so it was all about the same fish being caught time and time again . How hard can it be ? We all know where the fish is ,it's not going anywhere . And now it looks like it been broken again by a fish that for years has been tipped to do just that , a fish that is hardly a stranger to the bank . The 3 record carp caught form Redmire held the record for a total of 45 years ., in the last 20 years the record has been broken 12 times , 3 times in one year, same fish same water .
  12. We got the Nash monster cradle last year along with the matching weigh / retaining sling that sits inside the cradle , had an extremely lively 30 in it and at no point did I feel the fish was going to get over the sides . The sling which has zipped ends on it makes weighing and releasing the fish very easy and safe . Of course it's another thing to carry and 9lb fish looks a bit lost in it but the principle is the same and it certainly does its job . An observation on the ones with raised sides is that the sides collapse over time and are little better than a flat mat
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