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  1. Have you been yet ,if so how did you get on .
  2. Way to go .........
  3. IMO , These are the BEST butt rest EVER , these have to be well over 15 years old , i have never used any other Butt rest Carp fishing .
  4. Here is my newest purchase 😂 passes the time away on the bank .
  5. Something i have learned recently , is that some bait company's bring out a bait ,It does really well catching lots of fish , once said bait becomes established they start cutting the ingredients ,to increase profits , but still keeping the same color , same smell , to increase profits
  6. I have Two , thoroughly recommend them .
  7. Fox Warrior S Landing Net , around £55 and extremely light
  8. This is the 2 man i bought for me and the girlfriend , Take a look
  9. I looked it up ,and it seems a nice enough place , other than that , i know nothing about it ,sorry i cant be more helpfull .
  10. The hardest part was getting it to the surface under the rod , it seemed to take forever
  11. West wellow is about 15 mins from me ,but i have not heard of it , unless its a renamed venue
  12. Havnt been on here in a while , busy with life i guess but did manage this Common on the weekend , absolutely made up with this fish .
  13. Surely if they use the same one or two knots in all the tests ,it is fair to those knots and line .
  14. Yes , Warrior do make them . expensive new as most things are .
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