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  1. i don't like them myself, the bigger carp are generally ok but if your water has any decent tench, bream, crucians, rudd or roach etc you can say goodbye to them. you'll not find much in the way of birdlife either, anything duck sized generally gets taken, i even saw one try to take down a full grown swan once.
  2. a few to look out for, warrington anglers have a water called the mount which is located in buckley, flint paper mill, tarporley anglers have a few nice waters just outside chester. port sunlight angling club have a few waters just outside willaston, they are in south wirral a few miles from e/port.
  3. i've had tigers go like that a few times, i don't worry about it, if it does bother you just leave the bucket outside with the lid off, the smell will soon fade ;)
  4. go down there a few times mate, see if you can have a chat with someone fishing, they have an insta account as well, you could try that but i reckon they get a lot of enquiries and the guy will no doubt be fed up of answering them, my advice is go down there and loiter around for a while, see if you can catch him yourself, or one of the members, they might have a contact number, nothing works better than face to face one of my mates got in there first time of asking, he bumped into the owner and got a ticket straight away, it's not a difficult place to get a ticket for.
  5. i'm wirral based mate, i'm not in any syndicates at the moment and i've only ever been in 2 my entire life, i got into both because current members knew me personally for a long time and put me forward, unless one of your mates reveals he's a member of one and gives you an 'in' you're unlikely to succeed. having said that there is the odd water around that's run on a more commercial basis, raby mere springs to mind
  6. hope that works out for you mate, waa waters are very busy for sure
  7. i'm a warrington member, the club has some good waters but an awful lot of members, the vast majority are good lads but you do get the odd idiot who leaves their litter behind, on the whole it's a decent club
  8. generally i prepare my own but for the odd trips here and there its easier to buy them ready done from the shop, i've used dynamite and bait tech for tinned tigers and they both work very well👍
  9. i like a combination of hemp and maize for winter, i can't put my finger on why but they go very well together👍
  10. most people seem to like the hot red one but i've done well with the standard green, it's a great bait, really good in winter too
  11. I only worry if the lake is gin clear and I think the hooklink stands out on the bottom, I have a few sharpie marker pens in my box just in case, black, brown and green, you can pick them up cheap on ebay, golfers use them for marking their golf balls most of the time I only use them in winter when the colour has dropped out of the water on most lakes
  12. yes the 'no trace' bead, I wouldn't trust one of those either ;)
  13. alas not nige, I've been to 2 of the 8 and they aren't really my type of thing, I quickly worked out you get a very good choice of swims on the show weekend, the only way i'll be there is if the lakes are frozen, that's how I ended up going to a second one lol if we are frozen over that weekend i'll come and find you
  14. i'm not sure the heli is safe either mate, in an ideal world yes, as long as the top bead comes free you should be ok, but weed can be horrible stuff and it doesn't take much to clog things up and stop a rig working as intended, the top bead actually coming off in this scenario is a big assumption, I wouldn't trust it even with a helisafe bead on
  15. can't say i'm a fan of ridge monkey, everything they do just seems to be a copy that can be bought elsewhere cheaper so I swerve them the one thing i'm interested in buying this year is a baiting pole, i'm just waiting for some feedback on them first, i'm interested in the corus and nash ones if anyone has used them
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