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  1. Anyone fished this lake before? What is the stock of fish like there? Any help greatly appreciated
  2. this lake is refilled but has nothing in it anymore?
  3. Hey guys, Have a small lake near me which holds an ok stock of carp. Unfortunately also home to some terrapins, noticed my bait was getting had. Even using pop up boilies i found i was reeling back in with a munched up bolie! What i have found out is its actually clawing at the bait and picking it apart rather than directly eating it. Anyone had any similar issues. Ive found that chickpeas are not getting as much attention from them but i have had a few times i have reeled in and the chickpea was gone. Read tiger nuts also could also keep them at bay so to speak? Moving swims is an option. They seem to reside on one side of the lake on an island. Anyone found a way to keep these things away from your hookbaits, plastic corn i guess could be an option aswell. Thanks for any replies
  4. yeah it was the DL RB , i did use the spare spool for both as im not the most experienced when it comes to spooling up new reels so i felt it might of been the issue but it makes sense, especially what i heard about the shimano br and how they have gone down hill over the years! So you dont get any washers with these reels is that correct? its just down to manufacturing i guess, i wil try despool and add some backing and respool and see if i can get it to load correctly with the new spool on maybe that helps with the line lay (do the spools have washers in them?)
  5. Hey guys. I have just bought some shimano baitrunners. It seems as if one is spooling up topsided compared to the other with exact same line. I read about washers that could be the problem but i didnt seem to have any in the box with the reels just spare spool with them Any ideas ? The lay if definitely noticeable to the point you cant get as much line on one compared to the other. Thanks for any replies
  6. So the brackish water they usually live in now they were spawning a few weeks ago. Went yesterday and there were a shoal still there. Threw a few floating pellets in and then in about 2 minutes there were 30 plus there! All averaging double figure fish. They loved them krill floating pellets. Came back again today. Some I'm a little fairy has threw a kids bike where they were. But they were still there today! I threw a loaf of bread in and they slurped it all up in a matter of minutes. It seems like they are staying under or around the bridge in which the river passes under the road. Last time i seen this it were a good 15 years ago. Would they do this every year? Is a seasonal thing cause i have only seen it in the summer aswell
  7. I cant edit but forgot to add the carp reside in the "dock" which is brackish water. My maye=mate. Is there a reason they are doing this? Anyone have a good theory as to why they go into this shallow water in the summer months mainly?
  8. Hey guys. I live in a place where we have what we call the dock. Its a mix of freshwater and salt. It used to hold trout but they didnt survive well in the water, or at least they all were caught and ate. Anyways this water has a outflow into what was an old fishery, small little water that connects to the docks and it also connects to a "beck" This beck is around 2 foot in depth. Amazingly we used to get carp coming out of the fishery into this beck, 20 years ago i went down there once and this beck had aload of carp in there. The beck was that shallow you could see them. The flow goes under bridges. And very shallow water. My maye was on his bike yesterday when he got to the part where the "beck" joins the old fishery and to his suprise there was 20 carp or so all swimming in this shallow beck. Does anyone have any theory as to why they are moving up this stream? Here are some pics you can clearly see the fish in there Whats the reason behind them moving into this shallow water? Im gonna check out a part of the stream lower down where it doesnt have a no fishing sign today. Some big carp in that "dock" Could they be spawning? Or anything else that makes them come into this really shallow water ?
  9. Hey guys. I have this small "pond" near my house. It was known as the private pond. Back when i fished it there were shoals of perch,rudd and roach and also a few nice size carp that looked into good double figures. The "pond" itsself is near a water works and gas terminal. Over the years the perch became less and less until a few years ago when i noticed no signs of them. Any idea what may have happened to them? I did mention its close to a water works. Could this be a possible reason? Anyways this pond is that overgrown with nettles ect its going to be a pain to get in. Any ideas on what to take clothes wise or tools to help me get through the overgrow? Some sheers? Waders? I just have this feeling them carp are still in there. Or at least i want to find out and see these beautiful fish again. Alot of fish i think died but i would like to know if those carp are still there. 15 years ago they were mid doubles so i imagine they are even bigger now but so tough to catch. A few mates who had caught these carp said zigs worked great. Any tips/ advice appreciated
  10. thanks for the tip that is much appreciated. i did feel that alot of the newer models looked cheaper than the old style GTE baitrunners and such. tight lines
  11. what do the abbreviations stand for? DL (dual???) RB (rear ???) any help appreciated.
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