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A few pike including a new PB over 20lb

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14 hours ago, jh92 said:

Nicely done mate πŸ‘ do you use trebles or single hooks? I'm thinking about trying circle hooks on my next session?Β 

Had 4 more today, biggest 14lb, others of 9 and 10.

Final fish was a 5lb scamp Jack that picked up the smelt on the retrieve


I use a single in 4 or 6 up the trace and a treble at the end.Β 


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Time to bring back an old thread for the first pike trip of the season.

Started the day with a 12lb pike on a whole ledgered herring.


As it wriggled while I unhooked it, the barbless treble caught my middle finger, so snipped the trace to unhook the pike and my finger.


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21 hours ago, salokcinnodrog said:

so snipped the trace to unhook the pike and my finger

I was telling a Customer who is a nurse about my DIY surgery I performed on my finger to remove a hook, Straight away she said when was the last time I had a booster tetanus jab. I replied 50 odd years ago. She was not amused, and suggested I get one straight away.Β 

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