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Koi venue, any ideas please?

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Right....this is a genuine question.....I have decided to set my sights on Koi next year.....only ever caught five of a decent weight....so.....looking for suggestions of open clubs...etc etc with a good head of koi(dont need to be huge)..just a good population in relation to mirrors etc.....quite happy to travel....so....suggestions please :?:

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considering im english...as are you kev......japanese doesnt enter in to it really eh......so..... :roll:
Unless you have traveled the world Del Boy! :P










xxx :P

more to the world than asia....much more.....maybe you picked up their knack for a blinkered view and arrogance whilst you were in HK.......as for the noddy pic...????....can only imagine that was just you signing off?? :lol::roll:
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I'd suggest that the famous Trent koi Del. freindly fish (if you can locate it)....it's pretty much always over 40lbs.
...oh Neil...come on...koi......are you really going to use that......good mate....and I will continue too...being WELL travelled and managed to still retain my english identity!! :wink:


Yes mate it was a fish I had considered having a go for a few years back when I had a mate that fished Attenborough (idea being to mix and match between them)....Im thinking more ornamental though if Im honest....ogen etc

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:lol: ...maybe for a few days...but its not this anglers idea of paradise :lol: ....will keep trawling through clubs etc to see what I can track down....just want pretty ornamentals upto around 25lb pluswithout any noddys...or chavs....not asking much :wink:
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A few ornamentals here mate- you might have a long drive for a couple of them though:








cracking stuff mate...thats more like it...Theo...fuel may be an issue..four litres of v8 with holley carbs....does not make for cheap running...avg 15mpg...but hell its fun..and fast! :D

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There a couple of 20lb plus koi in a couple of lakes in telford problem is there concrete holes in the ground in the middle of a housing estate dont think it would be your scene but there nice looking fish!


There used to be a stunning kio that was around mid 20ties in T lake, (Telford) which is a stunning lake but i havent seen it for a long time so i pressume it died or some one had it off, shame because the way it was growing it would have done 30 plus by now! A lthugh thats not much use to you now. :roll:


Ive also seen a couple of bigguns in the river seven if you want more info on them you have to pm me! :wink:

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