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  1. I did mate got to the lake about 1pm couple of lads I knew were already there and said that it was half froze until around 11am. I fished til 8pm didn't have a sniff. But had a little new year social which was good. Just about to load the car get back out hopefully for a night maybe two this time if the lake has thawed now that is.
  2. Disaster before I even got gear out the car. It was still frozen solid. Just at home now thinning the gear down. Going to do the afternoon on another syndicate no night fishing on this one though hence need less gear. Figers crossed this one not froze.
  3. Nice mate. just about to leave home to do my last session of the year.
  4. One of the best ways to cut your gear back is use an air matress instead of a bed chair. Used to do a 20 mile round trip on a push bike when I was younger the biggest challenge was food and water supply's luckily there was a shop towards the end of the journey so used to get supplys when I was almost at the venue.
  5. Sounds to me the sort of lake that needs to be fished hard from march to June the fish are at there most catchable the weed not so much as problem early on. If the weed that bad and you carnt get access to a boat i personally wouldn't fish it after June. Of coarse winters an option but i find low stock weedy waters the worst winter waters of all useally. as i say id just hit hard in spring get tactics right and it will be job done by time weed gets bad.
  6. Why would a barbless hook get more pick ups in weed? The only thing i can see barbless doing in weed is costing you fish threw hook pulls which on a hard lake or any lake is the last thing you want.
  7. What difference does it make if there there 20 something?
  8. There just not much around that area and the very few that are around people not going to tell. Get on Google earth and do the leg work.
  9. Due to living a long way from the lakes I fish pre baiting not always an option. I don't beleive pre baiting is essential it's an advantage one that sometimes I'd love tof have. But I wouldn't not fish a water because I couldnt pre bait. You just have to get your location right and stay mobile. If I blank it just makes more determined to succeed.
  10. If you fish hard big fish waters on regular basis there are times of boredom anybody who says otherwise is kidding themselvs. Majority of anglers have some sort of entertainment weather it be a radio a fone, tablet what ever if like some people try to imply that when there fishing there at one with nature and dont get bored then they wouldn't need a radio, tablet or what ever it's human nature if there nothing happening sitting in silence at one with nature as great but you will suffer from boredom at some point. Majority of anglers may do 4 nites a month on slightly easier lake fair enough boredom might not set in. if your fishing hard on regular basis on hard venues boredom is part of it sometimes. If that wasnt the case big hard low stock lakes would be full of anglers. I read an interview with terry hearn and they asked him how he gets threw long periods of inactivity and he said I bore it out. that doesnt mean he doesn't love fishing and what it's all about but big fish angling on low stock lakes with out doubt involves periods of boredom.
  11. Your right sometimes a swim that fish are showing in isn't always the swim there feeding but quite often it is. Feeding and showing often go hand in hand. Also it depends when they show a fish showing at first light is much more significant than a fish showing at 2 o'clock in the afternoon but id still pay attention to that 2 o'clock show and possibly mover paticularly if I havnt seen anything show in the swim I'm fishing. Personally I couldon't sit there thinking they will come along at some point I want my hook bait in front of fish as much as possible so I stay mobile that doesnt nessarilly mean I move for the sake of it but I won't hesitate to move multiple times day or night if I feel that's what I need to do. Sometimes you got to play the long game and sit it out but for me that's the exception rather than the rule. My bivvy is jst a base I work from I'm there to fish a lake not just a peg sometimes you have to move the base to be able to fish the lake more effectivly. The most important parts of my angling is done with the rods out the water in summer paticularly my rods spend more time out the water than they do in. as I'm looking for opertunities around the lake and these opertunities could be any ware you just got to find them. Usually there more than one fish but some of the lakes I fish don't have a dozen fish in them. Even a lake that has say 30 or 40 they are usually only in groups four or five it all depends on stock and time of year. Often the biggest fish can be loners or maybe have a side kick but there not alaways in with other fish. Sometimes big fish are territorial and often get caught in one or two areas which is ware the long game bait and wait can pay but in my experience that is the exception. quite often big carp can be nomadic loners which can make them very difficult to catch which is when moving onto a single show can make dreams come true. It's all relative to the lake and the fish in it, but for me haveing a favorite peg that you caught off weeks previosly will often lead inconsistancy paticually on lower stock big fish waters.
  12. Does look stunning the booking swim thing would be my only concern as my favourite peg is the one with fish in front of it. Don't think could get my head round not been able to move to an empty swim because it's booked by somebody later on. Looks like it would be good stalking water but if you carnt move round freely that's not an option either. But if suits you happy days and good luck.
  13. I've seen clubs go to town with saws and and spoil lakes but what happened at kingsbury was on anouther level. Never seen a fishery decimated that bad.
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