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  1. Nar valley fisheries at pentney you can park in most swims on the main lake
  2. hi there,fished there a few time,love the place! i tend to fish it more in winter than summer though,think because its stream fed the fish seem to keep moving in the colder months. it can get quite weedy,but not unfishable weed. there are clear spotsbut i tend to get best results when fishing in the weed. call chris on 07876151247 he is the bailiff there,you need to call hi to book on ect,but if you called him i dont think he would have a problem with you having a walk around. P.S dont forget a barrow,its a good walk from the carpark!!
  3. who has read 'light my fire' by ian chillcot,theres a part in there i belive is refering to JS,chilly just calls him the norfolk cow pat,doesnt take a genius to work it out!
  4. yeah its only open to members december-january
  5. hiya perry.. do you get the overwrap with that or do you purchase that seperatley if so whats the cost of the wrap. because you will need oneespecially in the winter not only for extra warmth but to cut down the condensation the maxus,like the cyprimax are twin skinned,with an inner mesh pod like the double top,that with the aquatex style matrerial,like the trakker armo,i have never suffered with any condensation. i do have the 3rd skin for mine but i only got it to give me a porch area on longer sessions to give me more room
  6. i have the cyprimax,and thats quality too,very similar material to trakkers. had mine a year now and its been faultless
  7. personally on that budget i would have to say shimano beastmaster xta's
  8. no worrys,hopefully you will be as happy with it as i am with mine! i originally only bought mine as i got ffered it mega cheap,so glad i did as i really cant fault it!
  9. i have the 1 man,really cant fault it! its a quality bit of kit mate! its very very similar material to the trakker bivvys,i like to use the inner pod in mine,set it up in less than 5 minues. only gripes i have is no air vents in the back but then i dont use it much in the summer. the other being it is small,im about to get the 2 man myself which i know is the same size as the 1 man nash douletop extreme as my mate has the wrap on his d/t.
  10. another place worth looking is local for sale pages on facebook if your on there. gumtree is worth keeping any eye on too
  11. bottle of propolis from holland and barrett,£5 odd for 30ml,should last me another year lol just cant bring myself to spend £15 for a kordsa carp care kit thats the same stuff!
  12. P.S john wilson wrote about it in a book he did on fishing in norfolk and suffolk i think,may be worth having a look for.
  13. theres a lake close by to me with some in,mainly ghosties though. its called pocahontis lake,its in heacham in north norfolk
  14. Fluro rigs I tend to use a wide gape or chod hook,and use a braided hair. I thread the hair braid through the eye of the hook,then tie the Fluro knot less knot and trim the tag end down this nips the hair to the shank to hold it all in place. The extra movement of the hair helps the hook holds alot as the bait can eject leaving the hook prime
  15. i have the new fox stalker+ pod,£70-80,loads of adjustment and comes with 2 and 3 rod bars as standard. does everything i need too when i need to use a pod,fairly lightweight too
  16. i got some stainless made by a company called bison off ebay,there good qualitiy and around £6 each,adjustable height and have quick release built in
  17. for rods,go outdoors are doing the tf gear banshees for half price,there buy one get one free,so thats 2 rods for £22.50!! i have the 3.25tc,i use them for spod and marker work now and have stood up to the test perfectly! add the w's .gooutdoors.co.uk/banshee-carp-rod-12ft-2-75lb-p157134 .gooutdoors.co.uk/banshee-carp-rod-12ft-3lb-p157136
  18. france withoout going to france? theres a few venues in the uk that can do that! willowcroft at wisbech,cambs has carp and cats over 50lb pavyotts mill has big carp
  19. looks very similar to the wychwood solace flexi rib,i used one for 2-3 years all year round. i did get the overwrap for winter,just to stop condensation. only changed as i got offered a bigger bivvy for sessions and a 60" brolly for overnighters cheap
  20. i disagree,those types of water do us a favour,leaving the waters we all would rather fish quieter!!
  21. never even knew they had lakes on there!! i live just up the road in kings lynn. another place close to there is pocohontis lake at heachem,lovely lake with some stunning carp! the bloke in hunstanton tackle would be able to give you the number for there
  22. same as beanz,my mmxr have been going strong for about 6-7 years without a problem
  23. havent they just pt 2000lb of bream in lake 1? i maybe going back on there this year if the rumours of a gate going up are true. i havent got the time to put into valley this year,you can do an odd night on braddy and be in with a chance of a fish or 2
  24. nar valley weed hasnt ben a problem this last year,they have been washing alot of gravel which keeps abit of colour in the water which has kept it down. only ever geneva that gets weedy anyway,but the whole lake has been perfectly fishable the last year. Bradmoor-nice fish are few and far between,most have ruined mouths and led a hard life IMO
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