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  1. Look at the original question. This lad is asking advice on how to approach a lake he has never fished on before. It's all very well seeing a fish feeding, or insects hatching, but, will the lad know what's between him and the visual evidence of a hot spot? How is he supposed to know what the topography of the lakebed is like, without first knowing what's out there? Are there snags? What type of snags are they? Is there weed? What type of weed is it? How dense is the weed? Once an angler knows the topography of a lakebed, then, I agree, there's not much point in using a marker rod. But, it's always good to be aware that weed beds and features can change over a period of time. ....OP...not a single mention of needing help feature finding...a simple lead about for five mins will tell him enough about snags etc....his question was rigs, depth and colour of silt. Dark silt...good stuff...and usually found by an overhang etc...so plenty of natural offerings falling in along with foliage... a good base to start with is a milk protein base as it doesnt take on the taint of the silt as readily as fishmeals do.
  2. Fished deep silty meres and pits for thirty years and never in that time have I used a marker whilst fishing...Liam..spot on...silt is a different animal to any gravel pit etc..they will feed right upto the tip of the gill plate in it so Im happy to fish a bait that is five or so inches into the silt...the use of wool is always helpfull for marking depth of silt...and also colour of it...as for no showing fish or fizzes etc...ok...do you never have mozzie hatches on your water??......just a very qualified answer here...but a rod dropped directly on a fresh hatch....thats worth ten rods on a "marker found feature" without any signs of feeding fish.....either hunt them...or trap them.....very big difference in both approaches.
  3. your fishing 50yrds out on braid because you are fishing tight into snags and need to drop a bait under an overhang by about three ft for the take...fishable from one bank only and impossible to wade....... PS....99% dont NEED to use them....and shouldnt really....but its another tool in the armoury...I do...and also use a rowing boat on occasion...WHEN circumstances dictate I need to.
  4. cheque all paid up...dealt with it
  5. I have used a stove to take the chill off the air but wouldnt recommend it all told (I have to say that due to the level of donuts out there in blame and claim land).....Im one of the fools Theo mentions with a brolly....this is perfectly ok with a bed roll on your bedchair to create a thermal gap...and a quality bag and cover...job done....keep the kettle busy for water bottles and brews is the best way...heat your core
  6. No mate....this was all included in normal contents policy for the house....cheque came through on thursday...in no rush to spend it just yet...cant get on the bank anyway...first day off in a long while and banktime is not high on my list ....not in this weather
  7. snap still have a spool, 7lb, ....still has its uses too eh mate....got 9lb and 11lb.....still got some bulk spools of 11lb sylcast sorrel mainline that I keep telling myself to spool up with
  8. Still have a few spools of black spider mate....it does get used occasionally
  9. couldnt agree more Nige...I still get confused when I hear "Blakemere"
  10. pop my name down for that mate...literally just own the road from me
  11. I tend to stow the carp gear away when I feel like that...get out the float tackle and head off for some farm pools etc....really back to basics...forget all the gear that carping requires...just good honest fishing....nothing quite like watching a quill float tilt and move away along a bed of pads etc......basic therapy
  12. Just to add.....I dont have a problem with the whole realtree etc...mossy oak....original hardwoods blah blah......but they ARE ineffective as cam unless you are at major close range anyway.......they need to be bigger panels of colour at distance because small panels become muted ...i dont have any issues with blokes wearing them to feel part of something either....one of my regular customers is a carp fanatic...and i bump into him whilst shopping....wearing his tribal hoody etc.....this.....I dont understand....all smacks of "form before function"....not once have I seen a bloke in cam disguise his outline...THAT is THE major factor......wear it...be comfy in it.....but dont use the excuse that you NEED it
  13. I have on occasion used a cam net as a blind whilst waiting for a margin fish to return along a patrol route......but to be fair...I still prefer to concentrate on movement....as for the actual cam being needed in general....if it floats your boat...go with it.....personally I KNOW its very possible to catch from under your tips whilst wearing white ....I own one rifle with a polished stainless steel barrel...and believe me when I say deer are FAR more skittish than carp
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