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  1. I only paid 120 for my mk1 black quattro new. They are the business though, I'll have another if I ever break it.
  2. Fox quattro, mines still going after 15 years, never been pulled over even fishing on platforms for cats. The newer ones have oval bars so eliminates twisting too
  3. Any petzl headlight, a company that specialises in head torches must be the way to go.
  4. Got em in my local, sometimes the only thing that's feeding on really cold days. Had em to around 7lb, only reason I can think for em is something the poles can take home.
  5. Had the avid for a while now and it is truely awesome, does weigh a ton tho and is huge, need to find a sleeping bag that fits on it better as my big snooze is getting ripped to bits by me stretching it round the ends, really need to carry a chair for the days too, unless like me there is plenty of time for naps.
  6. I have always had the first eye 10 or so inches behind the alarm, gives a better angle for the swingers to move through. The fox quattro is long enuf to achieve this, had a sod pod before that was too short (tho u could get an extension bar) design floor or tactical marketing???? I like a long drop on my hangers and this is difficult to achieve coming straight off the reel.
  7. I've heard that somewhere recently, something about not being food so it is taken more confidently just like stones or twigs....it may have been the Korda masterclsss....I'll get my coat.
  8. Fish exclusively with plastic unglugged corn for 10+ years and had thousands on it, hard and easy lakes. Based on this why bother, you'll just end up smelling of the next goo flavours or have pink fingers like hamidi for weeks on end.
  9. 36 quid to join and 30 quid a night on my target water last year, worth every penny. Between me and the old man 5 30s and 26 20s in 7 24 hour sessions. Not to mention around 40 cats to 33lb. I'd have paid 50 quid a night for what we caught.
  10. If u decide to go the carpporter route have a look on the prestige engineering site. Got my mk2 with Fatboy bag and a whole packet of spare screws and bearings for 80 quid bcoz it was allegedly ex display. Came and was perfect
  11. Think I'll stick with my noddy stickers
  12. Rods first, a probable move bcoz I'm in the wrong swim, some food, another rushed move before it gets dark, then struggle to set bivvy up in the twilight.
  13. True enough but why entrust in a poll to decide your next set of alarms ? I cant understand that mr bully ? Personally i would do my homework on most leading brands buzzers/alarms and decide which to get on the basis of the style of my fishing , and exactly what my requirements are , and budget etc . Oh and in the case of the delks , how much of a tackle tart i am Seriously im just jealous but my fox' will suffice until i can arrange for them to be stolen Fair enough, I suppose the op just wanted a general pros and cons list... Delkim pros - everything. Cons - can't fish in Atlantis under the sea Atts - can fish in Atlantis under the sea. Cons - see delkim pros.
  14. Very much depends on the difficulty of the water, on easy lakes if I'm catching I have been known to hand over rigs and bait then tell people where to cast, but if fishing harder waters for better fish I'd rather keep working methods under my hat, if half the fish in the lake would want my bait if they found it I want to be the one using it.
  15. I do love alarm banter threads, its like trying to convince a ford man to buy a Vauxhall.
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