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  1. I've got 3 X Eos 10000 must say i've been pleasantly suprised by them and like them a lot,being a bit old school i tend to fish with what i like rather than what I'm told i should like which is why until recently I was still using Cardinal 55's for a lot of my fishing apart from longer ranges.When the need arose that i wanted to go down the big pit reel i went and LOOKED (highly recommended) at lots of different reels before i settled for Daiwa Crosscast X5000's not loved by all but I find them fine,same situation with the Foxe's.So would say go have and look at some and get a feel for them and best of luck
  2. Thanks for the replies guy's............I just find it terribly frustrating that such expensive bits of kit are virtually obselete as soon as they are released,now i understand technologies change and things move forward but also find it difficult to swallow that companies can't help if it's needed.Not the same i know but if you look at the classic car market you can still get items off the shelf after in some cases decades,I also take on board the comment about buying one at the time you buy the bivvy,great idea if your flush but not so easy if finances are tight and talking to someone in the trade who told me he sells loads of skins as winter arrives suggests i'm not alone in this. Unfortunately i don't know anyone with an Armo i can try,so i guess it's back to looking and keeping my eyes open for one.............again thanks for replies much appreciated I'm off now to by a new Football shirt to last me the next few seasons (sic)
  3. Thanks for answer,just got a message back from Trakker........ Trakker Products Hi Barrie I'm not sure any of the over wraps for the current shelters would fit an Aerolite. Your best bet would be to try eBay or the forums for a second-hand one. Regards Team Trakker So i guess i got some looking to do but if anyone knows of one
  4. Hi Guys i was wondering if anybody out there can help me,I've got a Trakker Aerolite bivvy which as it has now been discontinued they no longer supply Winter Skins for .As I still think this bivvy is the nuts besides which being unemployed i can't just go out and buy a new System,so if anybody out there Knows of one for sale could you let me know ...........Many thanks All I'm hoping this doesn't come under the Buying or Selling Restrictions if it does my apologies
  5. Before i got all high tech and graduated to Fairy liquid tops i remember using a piece of quill float with silver paper wrapped round,hung on the line with a sea fishing hook with the barb removed pushed into the quill and suspended into a jam jar with a torch shining across it .Necessity is the mother of invention
  6. A fish i always wanted to catch back in the late 80' early 90's was a VERY deep scaley fish from Darenth,called i think The Dustbin a resident of the Tip Lake........so much so it was the main reason i got my ticket sadly it never graced my net And Basil
  7. Hi Guys, I like a lot of people have been using plastic corn for a while now and also Bait Logics artificial boilies (as part of a Snowman rig) and i was just thinking as you do about boosting attraction level. So has anybody got any ideas or experiences about using glugs/dips to achieve this....not looking for actual flavours people have used just your opinions
  8. I know this water and i wouldn't exactly say there are no features to be honest,there are loads of pads and one end is especially heavy.there are definately Carp in there and you've had the best bit of advice (get down there and spend TIME watching the water).The truth is out there
  9. A personal view of course but i bought 3 Crosscast X's a couple of months ago and they'd get my vote
  10. My Apologies didn't see that no worry mate. tbh this is a bit different because your actually putting up a thread about family thanking people for paying respect so it deserves a thread of its own Cheers for that but i saw it elsewhere and thought it deserved a wider audience I have let them know i used it
  11. My Apologies didn't see that
  12. Just heard the sad news of Kev Green's death I'm sure most on here knew him from the mags and TV show Carp Crew,Below is a post put up by his family. I have been asked to add the following by my cousin, Steve, in relation to the loss of Kev. As Kevin's brother-in-law I'd like, on behalf of my sister (his wife) and the rest of his family, to thank everyone for posting such kind words. Nothing can fill the hole in our lives that Kevin's loss leaves, but it is heartwarming to know how many people held him in such high regard. He was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour in late March, just 3 weeks before his 40th birthday. He was a devoted carp angler, husband, son, friend and Daddy to 2 gorgeous boys aged just 3 years and 5 months old. I couldn't have picked a better bloke in the world to marry my little sister. He always said he was so lucky to marry the girl of his dreams and have his dream job. He lost his battle quietly and peacefully on Friday with his wife by his side.
  13. Had a look at the Fox Supa brolley,if you're looking to be as mobile as possible and well protected this looks like a cracking bit of kit
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