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  1. how's about this? virtually the same as the Gardener Deluxe gun and its made by the same people! http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Cox-Powerflow-Combi-foil-Barrel-sausage-Silicone-Sealant-gun-600ml-top-quality-/181100714656?pt=UK_Baby_BabyFeedingUtensils_EH&hash=item2a2a719aa0
  2. another vouch for cygnet proper light weight, however if u want the stainless steel look I have some Wychwood Maximiser what have served me well, cheap too at only £10 a stick.
  3. they possibly are mate, I brought them second hand last year at £35, served there cause for the money I paid. My mates got a pair of Crosscast X, cracking reel for the money. Personally im not a fan of QD but for the money he paid there a cracking reel
  4. ive got 3 reels and tbh I dont rate them at all, I use them for spod and marker after buying some navis at xmas. the line is forever going under the spool and it drives me insane!
  5. I fish mostly silty lakes and have had some excellent results this year on PB Products hooks and hooklink Hooks Size 8 Anti Eject Braid - Jelly-wire & Skinless
  6. Who are you to say how much bait an angler puts in when at a lake mate? theyve paid there money just like you have so they are entitled to put as much and as little bait as they wish
  7. i wouldnt bother with cheap scales mate, you wont get a true accurate reading, ive had cheap scales in the past and tested them when I had my rubys and they was miles off. splash out £50 on some rubys u will have em for life and get a true weight of the fish
  8. South Cerney A.C - Altho not a day ticket its only £65 for the year - saw loads of people on ham pool last year in there campers, I even saw one man in a tranny van with a mattress in the back and a massive ariel mounted to the side of his van lol
  9. What have people been using this year with success then?? Ive been having good results on the CC moore Wafters - white seems to be doing the damage the most but have had a few off the red too!! Fire away.....
  10. i would recommend using a adjustable zig to start u don't have to tie different size hooklinks to suit your fishing, just tie one 3ft hooklink and u can change the depth with the float.
  11. check out gorilla cam - free app lets u set the countdown time and set how many shots u want to take - no need to shout or anything! im gonna be doing a few sessions on my own next few weeks so brought my self a tripod and iphone adapter for just over £10 of ebay!
  12. i had a ticket on there last year only went a handful of times, done a few nights on Ham, there is loads of crays in there right nuisance, dabchick looks the best lake but when we was speaking to a few lads they told us "dont fish dabchick to many thefts on there" not sure how true this is. The only down side to club waters is maintenance, Wickwater alot of the pegs are overgrown and instead of cutting the trees down they just seem to rope of the swim was quite a few swims roped off when i walked round there, I fished wick in the summer and the Algae there was ridiculous covering most of the lake, me n my mate asked one of the bailiffs why they dont clear it all out, his response was - if u was in my situation would you go in the boat and clear it all out!(which i replied yes i would - he didnt like that!) Safe to say that was my last trip to cerney there is some very nice fish in the lakes like someone has already said wick had a big fish kill not so long ago I was told on the big lake most people fish for a bite a year - again not sure how true just info i had of other members, its like an inland sea!!! but for the price of the ticket u cant really moan!
  13. where u seeing 10kg for £55 mate? i can only see 10kg for £85
  14. I had a carp of the top on a quarterback crisp!
  15. check out http://www.parcel2go.com/ u will get it sent back for a lot cheaper then £10 bud
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