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  1. Oh reading through this thread the milkimin pellets they are on a different level to others.
  2. Not really i like the feedstim site and dont think they can be bettered for the more unusual and quality ingrediants for a fishing site.This black betaine you mention interests me as i've never come accross a dark so called pure version. Oleoresins are interesting, to me robin red is so good due to an oleoresin content but i'm not so sure its the same product as it was. All i know is dont get chilli oleoresin near your eyes lol. I haven't looked at this new site you mention as i haven't done much carping this last couple of years but i will have a gander later.
  3. Have a look at www.feedstim.com and then start to do a bit of research on oleoresins bait dont you just love it
  4. Yep hand rolled two different colour lumps of paste together in the bait gun used to really slow the birds down.
  5. I dont know about black baits but i have found two coloured baits a mix of green and brown definately slowed them down. I think the broken outline of the baits not being one whole colour confused them.
  6. In the past on waters that see lots of bait i've done well using singles, you are nearly always fishing over some bait.
  7. I know a few lads using the dearer baitology baits and they catch plenty of fish. Now the cheaper baits are obviously going to be more of an attractor bait but in the right place any bait will catch a fish. The company have been going for years and roll bait for many other companies so i cant see it being so crap it would ruin their reputation. Give it a blast what have you got to lose other than a bit of cash and fishing time.
  8. Now as some of you know i have a rig tying business and over the last few years i've tied 1000s of chod rigs. The best hooks by far for me personally and for my business have been korda choddys and nash chod twister i never get them back or any compaints. I am going to have a play this year with the Nash gapers as i like the wide gape on them and they look a nice tough hook.
  9. Not to bad mate got a couple of waters to play with this year. Like you i wouldn't fish the mere now , i know a few lads on it and none of them have had anything near to a 30 but it is a nice water.
  10. Well if its the mere it isn't a syndicate its a club water open to anyone.
  11. Fox ssc was my go to hook for ages i very rarely lost a fish on them. As for the kranks i think they are to flexible and i have no faith in them whatsoever, to me its a weak pattern and i dont fish to lose one i've hooked.
  12. At this moment in time for a boiled bait Retro baits meaty garlic. For a different big fish bait i would look at Brazil nuts.
  13. What can i say a short story easily read in two or three hours but absolutely fantastic discriptive writing. A tale of a man and a fish and a young boy its an insight into a different life and the respect a man can have for his quarry.
  14. Love mine i have the 7000 ltd edition blacks, great clutch and line lay.
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