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  1. Well i thought my post was quite valid TBH..... so i wont bother to waste my time in the future to help someone who is clearly so ungrateful Oh by the way, attractor baits are best fished with very little or no freebies..... but i guess you knew that already
  2. Use your pineapple pop ups, or any pop ups for that matter as a bottom bait then
  3. The one thats put in front of a feeding carp What im saying is that any instant attractor boilie will catch if its in the right place but i think that there must be something about a pineapple boilie that stands out more than the rest cos it has caught hundreds, if not thousands of carp all over the country. Then again, is it due to the fact that it could be the most used boilie flavours ever so the odds of it catching is greatly increased? Cos i always have a pineapple pop up or bottom bait on one rod, i think you would be daft not to..... And there you have it..... its a catch 22 situation.
  4. I love the shape of that last common. Just think what it would look like with an extra 20lb of body muscle
  5. Zander i know what you mean about fishing in weed. My syndicate is chokka with the stuff in places and its a steep learning curve for me also regarding presentation. Got some ideas to try this weekend though and im well looking forward to it.
  6. Ahhh, wires crossed there me thinks I still wouldnt use it though in a good food bait, though
  7. Use any, even a mix of a few. I really dont think the fish have a preference cos they all do the same job TBH.
  8. Fair point and i agree with that mate. Thing is though my syndicate has got me well and truly by the nads so at the moment all my thoughts are on that and its occupants. But considering zigs do work on there very well, it shouldnt be long before something picks one up if i experiment. Like i said, im not putting too much emphasis into using zigs just yet but i will try one if and when the conditions dictate. All i need is one take mate then i will be sorted, confidence will then be there. Once again mate its down to confidence. If your set up works for you then great carry on with it and keep hauling, im just trying to explain to you my thoughts on it, thats all. Now that is interesting. Everytime you read about using a zig, most articles advocate the use of a light semi fixed lead but obviously the fish has a VERY long way to travel before you get an indication. And if the fish doesnt move the lead at all, then you will have no way of knowing if you have got a take anyway. But can running leads be used in weed? I was told thats a complete no no for the safety aspect. The only reservations of using flouro for zigs is that its too heavy. On short lengths, you may get away with it and your bait might be bouyant enough, but on a longer hooklength i can see it causing you problems.
  9. Well thats obvious mate isnt it? A running rig whether thats used with tubing, a fused leader or even leadcore will always slip off your mainline. And if that was employed in your experience of that trailing fish by the angler in question, then you wouldnt even have needed to start this thread
  10. then it does have some nutritional content? That depends on what you are looking for in a bait. High carbohydrate boilies are the highly flavoured, highly coloured, ready mades such as the Richworth Tutti Frutti. And i wouldnt class them as a food bait, would you? Of course carbohydrates are are a must in a food bait for a carp but if i was making up a base mix from scratch, i wouldnt use semolina as my carbohydrate source thats for sure. A good quality birdfood can do a much better job
  11. Yes i see what you are trying to explain but just remember. That small bit of foam is holding up a hook plus maybe upto a 10 foot length of mono hooklink. So to think that your hook is gonna be positioned "exactly" like that when you are using mono, down turned eyed hooks and your foam positioned half way along the shank and not on the bend is asking a bit too much mate and i dont agree with your explanation. When its out in the lake i still think that the hook shank could be positioned more horizontally than you think (maybe even with the hook point lower than the eye) and the only way to be absolutely sure that it isnt is to don scuba gear and have a look PS, i dont do pastie bashing either
  12. What i will add to my above post mate is that i think the only way you are 100% guaranteed that the mainline will pass through very wet rig tube is to go back to the late 80's and use the horrible stiff black plastic type of anti tangle tubes that Kevin Nash used to market. I expect though that you wasnt carp fishing in the 80's so you wouldnt have a clue what im trying to refer to
  13. Dale, i can understand what you are trying to say but semi fixed leads, whether thats on a clip and tail rubber or an inline set up, should not be used with leadcore and that is the consensus of opinion on here IMO. But to blame leadcore entirely is a bit too much because in this instance of your trailing fish, IMO the angler whos end tackle it was is at fault and if he is "experienced" like you say, then the guy should be shot.
  14. Dale, a few points on your above post. I have severe reservations whether an in line lead really is "safe". Lets be honest, the plastic sleeve that the lead sits on is quite tight, too tight for me to even think about using one. You could substitute that for a shockleader sleeve, but even then, the swivel inside the lead is once again very tight and i feel you really are "hoping" that the lead will come off, cos you just cant be sure. Another point. You say leadcore is not safe, what ever way you use it. Well i beg to differ on that one so we are going to have to agree to disagree on that point else we will be arguing the toss till the cows come home Yes you are right, crack offs do occur on the mainline but i feel you are putting way to much trust into thinking that if a crack off occurs, then the tubing and the lead will just "drop off" the trailing mainline. I will explain why..... I used to love using the weighted tungsten tubing from JRC cos it hugs the bottom superbly..... In the past i have used this on a lead clip and the end of the tubing was pushed into the end of the tail rubber, like i expect most anglers practice when using rig tube on a semi fixed lead set up. But i noticed that when the end tackle was out in the lake for a time, the tubing obviously took in water along the length of the inner bore where the mainline runs through it. Now when i wanted to either pack up or change leads, i tried to pull the lead off the clip as you would "hope" a carp would do if the lead was snagged but guess what? The lead would not come off the clip because the tail rubber couldnt move off it simply because the tubing kept bunching up on the mainline because the water inside the bore wouldnt let the tubing pass over the mainline. I literally had to seperate the rig tubing by hand by pulling it at the very end of its length (the reel end), then pulling the lead off the clip as normal. Now we all know that a carp doesnt have hands so it would have been impossible for it to pull the lead off the clip if i had the misfortune to crack off and by christ im glad i never did. I expect its the same as trying to thread mainline through rig tubing when the mainline is wet..... its impossible. So that makes a rig that im sure that 90% of all carp anglers use, a death rig. I was shocked mate, simply because if i posted a picture up of it then anyone and their uncle would class the rig as "safe".
  15. If a carp is a PB, then i dont care what type of carp it is that slides over my net cord. Im just happy knowing that my tactics have worked and the carp gods have smiled on me.
  16. HIGH protein? Are you sure? I dont think so mate Semolina holds more carbohydrates than protein. Per 100g, semolina has 11-13g of protein but 72-74g of carbohydrate.
  17. Well the very best of luck then fella, it would be great to see some pics early next week
  18. Just to let you know Zander, you are tightening up on the mono hooklink yourself. You may find that once you are actually using the zig on the bank, that the hook doesnt sit exactly the way you are showing there cos the foam can only put so much tension in the mono hooklink. Once again though, its a method that does deserve some experimentation to compare results and over the summer i will have 1 rod on a zig just to try and gain some confidence in the method.
  19. Jez, is Trench the venue you was talking about on the Merrington social? I remember you saying that the weed was that bad, even a 3 ounce lead wouldnt get through the it.
  20. I would keep semolina in a boilie mix to an absolute bare minimum, preferably none at all cos the nutritional value is virtually nil and IMO it is just a carrier for your liquid attractor package. Yes..... we are
  21. Like i said i have never caught a fish on a zig but i do prefer using a size 10 Korda Choddy hook because the baited hook sits perfectly IMO. I would NEVER used an inturned eye with a mono hooklink because you are closing the gape of the hook which will make it harder for it to take hold.
  22. Like everything regarding our end tackle, leadcore is only dangerous stuff if its not used correctly mate. Was the leadcore on a semi fixed lead clip arrangement? Cos im guessing it was. Personally i used to hate leadcore, but then again i was using the naff Korda stuff at the time but i admit i do have a spool of the far superior ESP leadcore in my rigger pouch which i use when i need to and i have no qualms at all about using it. Like i said before..... rig tubing..... helicopter rigs..... fused leaders..... shockleaders..... can all be dangerous to the fish if not set up correctly.
  23. tonybranno

    New Pb mirror carp

    Well there is hope for you then! Cos after all, having the same headtorch is really gonna make the difference
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