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  1. It depends on who it is. If its some dodgy company called Dave Baits who is making the stuff in is kitchen then forget it. Disclaimer:- Dave Baits isnt exactly real as i know im just using it as an example.
  2. Why? My syndicate is well weedy and i have no problems whatsoever using X-Line on there and ive dragged in some right clumps of weed as well.
  3. Im sorry to hear of your loss but i cant give you any pics because i havent caught anything since the end of March..... im getting fed up though of taking pics of other anglers catches, thats for certain!
  4. Ive used Shimmy Baitrunners, Basias and the Tournament 5000T's. I currently own a set of 3 Shimano Ultegra XTA's but im trying to save for 3 Daiwa Tournie 5000 ISO's. But if my bosses at work re-instates the overtime pretty soon, then i want 3 Shimano Aero Technium XTB's instead.
  5. My sentence ends in 'off'. I will let you fill in the blanks
  6. Answer me this question if you would mate cos im confused about your above post. Are you saying that you decided to 'start' fishing from scratch by targetting carp, or were you angling for other species and then decided to target carp? Personally, when i started fishing, i never dreamt that i would be the type of person that would sit by a lake for 2 to 3 days a week to catch a fish. I was happy just to sit by a pond or river with a rod in my hand staring at a float. Cos to me (and please corrrect me if im wrong) it sounds like you decided to be a carp fisher before you even caught a carp. For me i caught a carp first by total accident then i decided to solely fish for them. You see i think that the carp fishing bug caught me, i didnt not try to catch it, if you can understand what im saying!
  7. I agree with every single word there fella. Well said Ive always said that an 'apprenticeship' of catching other, much smaller species using varying methods just to grasp the basics of fishing, fish handling, fish care and just being out in all weathers WILL help you in the long run if and when specimen hunting (not just for carp, but other species as well) takes your fancy. And when i try and get this point across (cos this exact subject has been discussed on this forum before in the past), funnily enough, its always the 'instant' carper that always gets on the offensive and try to defend their corner. In truth i think its because they know, having an apprenticeship WOULD help them. To be fair though im certain that they have been brainwashed by the monthlies into thinking that carp fishing is an easy, fashionable thing to do and that catching 20 and 30lb carp is the norm, not the exception. I think thats the main reason 'they' take it up TBH. And yes i say 'they' cos i really cant call 'instant' carpers anglers cos they havent got a clue what angling is. For them its just an excuse to sit behind their battery of rods, with their mates, no doubt getting inhebriated thinking look at me! Im a carper! Dear me
  8. Ive heard that you are never more than 3 yards from a rat. Scary! On another note, read the novel 'Rats' by James Herbert and you will be scared stiff of the little blighters forever.
  9. Niiicccceeeee! Top angling as well on 4lb line and an 18's hook.
  10. Chub 9 footer and a Shimmy Baitrunner
  11. Or i could get you some surgical type gloves from work if you wish? That way the destructive oils from your hands..... boilie glug..... spod mix..... fish slime..... will never touch the carbon
  12. with full cork? Possibly. But i heard full cork gets really dirty and is hard to clean.
  13. Naaaah dont be daft mate. Custom built Centurys by Bruce Ashby or Ron Buss would get my vote for the ultimate tackle tart rods.
  14. I also tie the majority of mine on the bankside now. I will tie a couple up at home and put them in the wallet just to get me started when i first arrive at the venue, but if things change, or i need to adjust something, then out comes the materials and i can tie one there and then to suit the situation. Its much better that way IMO.
  15. Dont fall into the trap of thinking that you need loads of rigs. Stick to 2 or 3 which should cover all of your fishing situations and get your confidence in them and i guarantee that you can take them to any water knowing full well that you can and do catch on them. That way you can save all the hard work for location and watercraft which is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr more important.
  16. PMSL Nail on head fella if you ask me mate!
  17. I always take my small radio. I do like to listen to the footie commentary on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon when fishing and i think that it breaks up the tedium of sitting behind superglued indicators sometimes. I used to disagree with DVD players on the bank. I dont own one but i know that when you fish through the depths of winter when you are facing upto 17 hours of darkness, then you definately need something to take away the boredom and they are a great help just to keep on going and keep putting the hours in.
  18. That cant take too long mate! Good to see you back online Biatch Good to be back fella!
  19. Its not that hard fella, a simple knotless knot on braid is simplicity in itself. I have never bought a ready made rig in my life and will never do so either.
  20. What rod is that? Cos i dont know of any Century rods that cost that much brand new.
  21. If the top bead can be pulled off the tube easily then it can be used.
  22. Ok ive just tried the snell knot (which is the same as a whipping knot on a choddy) on a combi rig and here is my effort..... I cannot get the gap between the knot and the eye of the hook any smaller (in this case its 10mm) but the braided section definately isnt any longer than the shank of the hook (in this case a size 6 ESP Big T). But with a bit more practice i might be able to get it shorter if needs be.
  23. Cheers fella, i will look into that knot to see how you tie it cos it would add another chink in my armoury for sure. Nice one
  24. Well that might be worth a bit of experimenting but if you use such a short length of braid (considering some hooks have a short shank) IMO there isnt much room to actually tie the knot and get it tight. I think it will be much easier just to use coated braid and carefully strip a 2mm section of outer material off, to get the 'hinge' effect, right near the eye of the hook. But like i said, there is some experimenting to do there to compare results.
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