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  1. Try typing in "instant and carper". That seems to narrow down the search field quite a lot. Ive just done it and i got 36 matches, all relevant to this subject
  2. There is 3 lakes, but the 3rd is more of a match type of venue. The season ticket you are on about only allows you to fish days only from dawn till dusk. Night fishing is exclusively for the syndicate members and like i said, that ticket costs £200. And yes, Belvoir Castle is a beautiful place to angle. I am also from Leicester and i have a few club waters around Leicester which i wet a line in occasionally but the mainstay of my fishing is in Northamptonshire
  3. Ok, its a bit pedantic i know but Belvoir Castle is not in Grantham, its in Woolsthorpe Righto the details. AJS Fisheries run it, the night syndicate which allows you to fish 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if you wish costs £200. There are 2 lakes on this ticket, the Upper and Lower and they are both around 12 acres in size. Dont expect massive fish, the biggest ive had from both the Upper and the Lower lake where just over 19lbs but i do know that low to mid twenties in both have been caught. IMO i think this is a definate gem of a venue for the future cos give it 5 years when the fish should have grown on a bit more then it could throw up some thirties. The only problem is that the main stay of the fish are Simmo strain. But one thing that i will say is that the venue is an amazingly gorgeous place to fish. The lakes are in a valley with Belvoir Castle looking over you and the lakes and the grounds where built by Capability Brown no less. There is only 3 or 4 street lights from the village that you can see, there are no main roads near you and the only sound you can hear is total silence apart from the waterfall behind the dam wall on the Lower lake. Being as its an estate lake, its predominantly silty bottomed and shallow. The deepest areas ive found where around 6 foot in depth. I would definately recommend it mate!
  4. So after 5 blanks you are ready to pack it all in? Dear oh dear oh dear Its obvious you are new to this game and im not familiar with your choice of venues but what type of venues are they? Are they easy pasty bashing commercials or much harder, more tricky venues? Im guessing you are aiming to high with your choice of water far to quickly and need to start off fishing somewhere easier to gain confidence in your approach. A bit of advice i will give though is if you are sure that your baited rig is on the money, then recasting every hour is gonna do you no good at all, no wonder you are not catching. On my day sessions that can sometimes last 12-15 hours, i may only make 1 cast for each rod. If im confident that i got the rig in the right place and i felt a good 'donk' when i feel the lead down, then it stays where it is. It only comes in if Mr Carp rattles off with my bait or when i reel in to pack up and go home.
  5. Knossington Grange carp lake. Its were my fondest childhood fishing memories were made. Its the place where the carp fishing bug really took hold which led to my obsession now. I love the place and i often take a car ride over just to walk the banks. On a nice sunny day i will pop over again and take my camera and take some pics and post them on here. Cos in full bloom of summer, its a beautiful place to angle
  6. I found one as well..... Sorry, im in a mischievous mood and i couldnt resist
  7. Check the angler in the "tent" on the far right I bet he wont be using that between November and March. Sorry, my mistake..... i doubt he does any fishing in the "colder" months
  8. tonybranno

    pb grassie

    Its nice to see a young un holding fish the right way as well. No "spaggy" hands on them photos thats for sure
  9. Your "pearls of wisdom" really are something to behold So you advocate switching from freezer baits to shelf life boilies for what reason exactly? Surely prebaiting with fresh freezer bait is so much more beneficial to the fish and the lake itself than filling the lake in with a bait full of preservative? Unless i really have been doing things so very wrong for all these years.
  10. And it does, i saw the film tonight. I was a tad disappointed about the film to be honest. Its good, but it has been loosely based on the novel and i feel it leaves out quite a few of the key moments that feature in the book. But then again i suppose you must expect that. It must be hard for a filmaker to condense 600 odd pages of a very well written novel into just over a 2 hour film. Its still a very well made film though
  11. 14 month blank! Out of interest, just how many times did you actually go fishing in them 14 months? Was you out for 2 or 3 nights a week? Or 2 or 3 nights a month? or even less? I dont mind blanking, thats a part of fishing. Just as long as there are fish in the water thats worth the long periods of inactivity. Dont get me wrong, its a cracking fish, really chestnut coloured dark brown..... just how commons should look But that fish is not worth waiting 14 months for. But thats just my opinion
  12. Cos no doubt thats what Danny Fairbrass does
  13. Then instead of buying them, use the cash to get your own materials and tie your own. That way you will not be limited to the set length of the hooklink or hair of the hooklinks you are buying and you will be able to tailor your own hooklinks to any fishing situation you come across.
  14. Ok lets get one thing straight mate and im not having a dig at you personally ok?. Im sure you have an enthusiasm for carp angling and i take it at the moment your mind is like a sponge for information so you are grabbing anything to read up on the subject, either from the internet or the monthly magazines. Now please DONT be swayed by the magazines by thinking that you need the most complicated rig imaginable to catch a carp..... You dont. And i would seriously think again about paying for people to make your hooklinks for you. A part of angling is doing these "basic" things yourself. If you dont do them, how are you going to learn? Goto your local tackle shop, buy a good braided hooklink material and a packet of decent hooks and learn the knotless knot. It is very easy to tie and if your knots fail then you only have yourself to blame.
  15. Its not rocket science mate
  16. With the motion picture being released just this week i decided to get the "heads up" so to speak on the storyline by reading the book first before i went to see the film. I did this with another one of Dan Browns novels, The Da Vinci Code and im glad i did cos even though the film is very good, the book is so much better. Ok back to Angels & Demons. I finished the book this morning and just like the Da Vinci Code, Dan Browns' writing style leaves you with a lot of questions until the last few chapters where everything falls into place just like a jigsaw and makes for such compelling reading that you really cant put the book down. I found myself saying, 'One more chapter', 'One more chapter' until you just have to finish the book. Once again like The Da Vinci Code, the character Robert Langdon who is a Symbologist features heavily in the storyline and he is summoned to CERN at Geneva to investigate a death of a scientist who has been "branded" with an ancient ambiagram before he was robbed of a destructive new substance called 'antimatter'. Obviously i dont want to say too much and ruin the book for others but the storyline then unfolds and takes him onto Rome where he has to use his expertise in tracking down a so called 'Hassassin' supposedly hired by an ancient cult who call themselves the 'Illumnati' who are threatening to destroy the Vatican with this 'antimatter'. Its a fantastic book and i would definately highly recommend it
  17. What i do is tie some dental floss onto the rig ring with a grinner knot. Put the pop up into the loop of dental floss and pull down tight then cut the excess floss off then blob the knot with a lighter. Easy peasy
  18. Take 10 or 15 boilies out of the freezer, air dry them for 2 to 3 weeks rotating regularly to ensure good air flow and even drying and they will become rock hard. Put them in a glug pot and pour your glug over the top. The boilies will then act like a sponge and draw in all the glug while they rehaydrate. You can then keep the boilies in the glug pot for months, if not years just as long as they are fully immersed in the glug
  19. But surely thats down to the individual angler? I know when i get a blank (and there have been plenty), i dont just go through the motions on the next session. Im trying to piece it all together and come up with a gameplan in my head for the next time. It may work and it may not. I know anglers on my syndicate that fish the same pegs, the same tactics and just carry on blanking without putting any thought into their angling. They are in truth camping and may as well leave their rods at home.
  20. God help you when you decide its time to move onto more challenging venues then. Blanks are then the norm. Then you will have something to complain about
  21. Too early mate, give it another 2 or 3 weeks The water on most venues are warming up now, but not enough just yet to spark spawning.
  22. When the bait gets sucked in, in my mind the hair will straighten out and the hook will follow behind, like its being towed by the bait.
  23. This is where a lot of us switch off And you will sit there for hours and hours, even days, waiting for a run that may not happen and you cannot be bothered to do a 2 minute mathematical calculation. Shame on you Tony:oops: PMSL
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