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  1. Ive seen this diagram in a book fella, im now racking my brains to think of which one Frank, As regards to the 360. Ive heard nothing but bad points on this due to the hook, double hooking fish. I think its something to do with cos the angle that the swivel creates on the hook eye. Have you had any experience of this yourself? Now i do admit i dont know the ins and outs of this rig at all cos im not sure of what situation it would be needed in my fishing. Can you shed any light on this at all?
  2. I apologise if I read you wrong. Absolutley no apologies needed on your part Frank at all
  3. This is where a lot of us switch off
  4. Ive heard of it in the past and ive just googled it and TBH i would never use something like that cos i really dont think that you need to. Once again, i feel that you are just confusing the issue and pulling out some rig that will hinder your chances of a capture, not improve it. If ive got the correct set up, if you get a fish and you hook it, all the pressure from the fish going one way, and you pulling the other, is centred on a very small rig ring on the pop up. IMO that is not gonna withstand much pressure before it gives way. If you are fishing for big fish in heavy weed, then i seriously doubt you will land anything TBH. Remember..... your rig is only the strongest at its weakest point. And IMO, that rig ring is a seriously weakened point
  5. And thats the joys of fishing Nige. Everyone has their own ideas on how to tackle a certain situation The reason i said use a longer hair is for confidence reasons on the carps part. Im not sure what book it was but i read that a certain angler knew that carp mouthed the bait before confidently taking it. So my thoughts where to do the same. Let the fish mouth the bait which would act the same, and feel the same as the freebies (with no hook close to it) then let it take the bait back once it thought it was ok. I feel that once a bait has been 'mouthed' and it spells danger, then it is left alone. That is why you hear of so many anglers saying "I had fish all over me, but i couldnt get a take. And when i checked my baited area all that was left was my hookbait". I think thats the reason why. But hey, i maybe talking cobblers as well But to be honest, something as simple as the fish not approaching the rig the right way could give it cause to not take the bait perfectly to give a strikable run. Ive said it before..... there are so many variables in fishing that im amazed we catch at all.
  6. Frank, if you think i spoke out of turn then please (and everyone else for that matter) accept my apologies. It wasnt meant has you obviously read it. I was merely trying to add to an extremely interesting subject with my points of view
  7. If you have got the luxury of seeing fish feed in crystal clear water then you have definitely got a better understanding of how to catch them certain fish on that certain area. But lets be honest, if you are fishing at range of anything more than marginal yards, then its gonna be difficult, if not impossible to see exactly what they are getting away with. Personally i have seen fish feed and caught fish while watching them tear up my marginal baited spot, but unfortunately for me the water wasn’t crystal clear and all I saw was shadows ghosting in, upending to feed then ghost out again. But luckily for me my current venue which is weed infested and gin clear hopefully will give me the opportunity to see fish feed in close quarters some time this summer, but like I said, I still don’t believe that you can see exactly whats going on unless you are fishing very close in. Once again I presume you are talking about close in, margin fishing here cos like I said before, anything further out than that you would have real difficulty seeing what was happening anyway. In the case of the gravel bottomed lake though I would make my end tackle as subtle as possible And make my bait act as natural as the freebies by counterbalancing it. Also shortening the hooklink could help along with lengthening the hair to make sure you have a much greater degree of separation between the hook and bait. To be honest, on the silty venue where even close in you are not gonna see much at all, I would experiment and try the same as above, but cos you cant see the carps reaction to anything, then i feel its gonna be trial and error. Either way, I feel pulling out a rig that’s all whistles and bells rings here and swivels there is just gonna hinder your chances of a take. I wouldn’t be at all confident of doing something l;ike that. But thats just my opinion.
  8. And thats why i feel its best to keep it simple. My train of thought is to try and keep your end tackle and your hooklength as inconspicuous as possible. The more things you add to that, the less fish you are going to catch. I think its simple and so obvious. Ive said it before and i will continue to say it..... you will find that these "super duper" rigs may have been designed for a certain scenario, in a certain lake for a certain fish. No wonder that the newcomer to carp angling can get there head in a mess worrying about something so easy as the last 9 inches of there end tackle. I blame the comics for that.
  9. You guys make me laugh Lets be honest, the whole thread is based on a hypothetical question cos no one will know with 100% certainty that the fish you are targetting in your particular venue pick up and drop your bait immediately. The only way to know this is to don scuba gear and watch the fish at length for a considerable time to gauge your findings. So what is the answer? Pulling out stock photos of rigs with rings here, loops there, swivels on that bit is not the way to go, you are merely confusing the issue and making things way more complicated than it actually is. I will tell you my to answer the question of the thread and i will gladly hear your views if you think im talking rubbish..... Get the fish on a good bait that they have confidence in eating and a simple knotless knot will out catch anything that you have suggested here. But hey, thats just my opinion
  10. Ok mate heres my twopenneth. Your set up sounds ok but i would like to know what size of fish are in your venue? If they are only singles to low doubles then i would consider dropping your hooksize down to a size 10. You say the bottom is silt so in truth i would drop the coated hooklink altogether and use standard braid of around 8-10 inches in length? Also im not sure of the tactic of using pellets with a pop up. If your baited hook is off the bottom, then why use pellets which will sink? I know this tactic has supposed to have caught loads of fish, but i think that the pellets have been taken first and then the pop up will be taken last..... maybe some hours later, so in truth you may have been fishing with a single hookbait for the majority of the time. I only use pop ups when im using them as single hookbaits or over a scattering of boilies. And when i say scattering, i mean over a wide area of about 20 yards square.
  11. Thats some travelling in such a short space of time thats for sure Nice one!
  12. tonybranno

    new pb

    Nice. Imagine it 10lbs heavier and a bit more filled out One for the photo album for sure
  13. Cheers Kev Travelling south though..... out of Leicester and down to the Nene valley is the best move i have ever done mate. Yes the fishing is much harder on this venue with a new set of challenges that ive not had to deal with previously and im having to deal with more blanks, but i was expecting that anyway. I checked the calender at the weekend and since the beginning of December 2008 which is when i started on this venue, ive done 22 nights so far, had 3 takes and landed 2 of them. But when i get things right, fish such as this common comes along, so the rewards are most definately there cos this fish is an upper average-ish size for my syndicate
  14. One question..... How do you know that the fish are picking up your hookbait and dropping it immediately?
  15. No..... cos my Fox RX's have a receiver
  16. This morning at 8am, i had what i thought was a take but when i hit into it, it didnt fight like a fish would normally. It was just a heavy weight but i felt something kicking so i knew a fish was on somewhere. A mass of weed soon popped up in my margin and i could see my baited rig tangled up in weed and some loose line which was still entering the water where i could see a mid double common thrasing about. So i hand lined in the carp and netted it and pulled it up onto the mat to sort the mess out. Now the fish was hooked fair and square with the trailing rig (and what a shocking rig it was as well, more about that later though). I unhooked the fish, checked it over to make sure everything was ok and of course put the fish straight back and she went away rig free Now this made me wonder and here is my question. Just say you had a take, hooked a fish but then lost it due to it either snagging or getting weeded up and the mainline broke, but you then recaught the fish a few hours later cos the trailing rig that it carried tangled up on your mainline on one of your rods..... would you still count the trailing fish as yours even though you are 100% certain its your rig its attached to but you didnt catch it in normal circumstances? Now back to the rig..... it was a very poorly tied helicopter set up on leadcore. The top splice that attached the leadcore leader to the mainline was totally inadequate. It had a loop of leadcore 1-1.5 inches with a splice of only 10-15mm holding it together and the bead which held the hooklink on was so tight that even i had difficulty getting it over the thick plastic sleeve which which was holding it in place on the leadcore. And even if the hooklink did by chance get off the sleeve, the bead would have travelled to the top of the leader but would then be locked in place by the doubled back loop of leadcore "splice". I wish i had took some pictures now to explain it all cos it was shocking Once again, i wouldnt blame the leadcore leader itself, but i know a few on here would. I would put the blame firmly at the door of the numpty that put it all together. Education is the key here!
  17. AKA Ransome Road. Its on a syndicate mate and its just been taken over. Ive heard that there are homeless people actually living at the lake but they keep themselves to themselves. Give Chris a chance to work his magic and this place should be a great place to angle in the future. Ive heard its a very pretty venue as well, but ive not yet had a look but i will soon.
  18. Ive had another 20lb+ common from my syndicate on this weekends session. This one was caught at 1am on Monday morning and it weighed 27lb 10oz. I also lost one at 1:30am this morning when it weeded me up and the line parted. Absolutely gutted
  19. Agreed Sharbar. TBH ive come to the conclusion that i think all carp anglers are masochists. I mean, who in the right mind would sit out on a lake, for days on end just to try and catch a fish? To the non angling fraternity, or even to the pleasure/match type of angler..... we must be viewed as nutters!
  20. I know Richworth used to market something along the same lines years ago. They may even still do them.
  21. Thats why commercials dont appeal to me either. All i can say it leave the muppets to it and do your own thing, or find a better venue. Are they are all that bad? I doubt that they are, but i dont intend to fish any to find out.
  22. tonybranno

    Yes! a New PB

    Cracking looking big scaled mirror youth
  23. If you actually read the instruction with the picture it will tell you why the ring on the shank is used.....
  24. And?..... I use my pop ups as bottom baits all the time, its easy to do and gives the fish something different that they may not have seen before. I could tell you how to go about it, but then again, why should i bother?
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