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  1. Im 16 and aren't allowed to fish it on my own. If you need a partner in crime, you know where I am
  2. Can I ask, Liam: What actually is your PB? Im not trying to pick another fight, but interested what it is.
  3. I think you should get 2 bags of na.....
  4. I'm from Tubridge Wells an I know of 10+ waters around withing 20 minutes from me Send me a PM
  5. I would recommend going to your local tackle shop, asking them, or maybe buy one of the Korda packs that gives you the lead clips and tubing. Then a few leads, some hooklink matieral, swivels, some hooks, hair stops, baiting needle if you havn't already got one and a back of shelf life boilies.
  6. Hi, I only live 10-15 minutes away from here but am too young to fish it according to the rules. I am 16 and the rules say no juniors on the specimen lake and on the others you have to be 18 or with someone who is 18 to fish it. Do they stick to these rules? Or do they let people like me fish on their own? I wouldn't mind doing 24 hours there to see what it's like, so if anybody needs a fishing partner or doesn't mind being 'my responsible adult' please let me know. Thanks, Zac.
  7. thats what i was gonna say haha
  8. Hi I have fished there twice and blanked once. The second time between us we had 17lb, 12lb, 5lb and 5lb carp so it was not bad i suppose. The fish are fed on pellets which you can buy from the bailif. The two bigger fish fell to white coconut baits (it was a long time ago) and were in the evening. I would fish in open water and maybe stay away from the islands because this is where everybody immediately casts. The reeds by the bridge also bring a lot of anglers runs. I would maybe stick to the main lake as Dove can be very slow. If you are going to fish it regularly then maybe give it a go. If its a few times a year I would bet that your main chance of banking a few fish would be the Main lake. I don't know much about the water but if you have any questions just ask. Including my directions because its on the way to my Dad's so we drive past it everytime.
  9. Yes Dave, my brother has had a 17lb Mirror on a whole fresh strawberry but that was about 4 or 5 years ago. I was eating a banana on the bank last year & stuck a bit on the hair, it wasn't in the water 3 or 4 minutes before I added a 14lb common to my capture list Anything 'different' is worth a go. Jay im fishing a local water tomorrow and we have a few strawberries left in the fridge. im planning on using them just to try something different. wish me luck on them! cheers oh you cheeky little..... wait to see what i have in store for you
  10. the only hook i use is the kurv shank
  11. I often find fishing in the margins can produce runs at night. Usually where there is a bit of cover, such as bug reeds. My main theory behind this is as some day anglers simply tip their un-used bait into the margins and the fish feel safer at night coming right into the edge and feeding.
  12. here's a picture of a 71lb http://www.hawkhurstfishfarm.co.uk/gallery/category/1
  13. In a lake near me they have catfish to over 80lb and Blue Carp to 74lb
  14. someone's frisky today I'm talking about bait's & rig set ups Seems to me that you're the one with 'other things' on your mind... I'm past all that mate anything to pass the blame, eh?
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