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  1. Heron is my current target water It holds plenty of corking fish for the most discerning of carp anglers and its got an ideal stocking level for its 12 acres. And thats all im going to say on the matter
  2. Its a commercial type of place then? No thanks
  3. Wasnt Barston the hell hole of the place that a few on here wanted for the social? If it is, the words KHV spring to mind
  4. Thats true after all, Mike could be a weirdo. But then again ALL carpers are weird in their own sort of way aren't they?
  5. Do a search cos Willesley comes up that many times you may find that no one will want to answer this question yet again.
  6. Well ive got the thought that if you just copy someone elses work and pass it off as your own, your not really accomplishing anything. TBH you are cheating yourself, no one else. You are not going to gain from it are you? Its the same in fishing. How many people have you seen on this forum that ask for advice on a certain venue when in truth they want you to fill them on all the info like the going bait, the best swim and what rig to use because they cant be bothered to do the leg work themselves, or just want the "quick fix". Just my opinion
  7. Surely copying a design for a circuit diagram is passing someone elses work off as your own? I would imagine (rightly or wrongly) that the stuff you have learned in class would hold you in good stead to do it yourself. After all, an electronic bite alarm must really be a basic thing to knock up for someone who is taking an electronics course
  8. Nah, they were the "A1 Carp Crew" or something along those lines, and complete morons with it I recognised part of their awful video as Pool Hall in Wolvo, but they took it down too quick for me to get it confirmed with the fishery owner Either way Andy, they needed shafting
  9. And like i said Glen thats what it could just be..... hearsay to keep anglers away. It makes no difference to me if A1 is safe or not cos i have absolutely no desire to fish the place.
  10. How would i know how to approach it? Ive never fished the place TBH basic watercraft and just watching the water would be a good starting point. And even if did fish it, put in the legwork, got off my backside and found a winning method or tactic..... please tell me why should i give out that sort of information?
  11. Last time i heard it wasnt very safe at all with gangs of locals going round upsetting the anglers. But this could be just talk to keep peeps away.
  12. Perhaps its you and your just a bad angler and not really cut out for it Sorry if that sounds harsh but it maybe true I know that Brasenose 1 isnt the hardest of waters but you still need to put the effort in to get results. You cant go down there expecting to empty the lake cos thats just plain arrogance and in truth you deserve to blank.
  13. Gently steam it over a boiling kettle while holding it out straight On another note, i hate ESP Ghost. Its far to thick
  14. Dont forget, Jurassic isnt the only water which contains carp that Broome AS own or rent Meadow Lane in Syston is a fantastic place with some cracking fish in there. Thing is from March to November its one rod only. Of course boilies, pellets, artificials and nuts are not allowed At Frolesworth they have 2 lakes. Manor farm is around 5 acres but contains only a handful of fish, about 17 i was told. And at Hill Farm which is just over the next field and no more than an half an acre, they have a very small runs water with fish to low doubles. Once again the same bait bans apply
  15. You are only throwing your money away anyway. What ever happened to a simple figure of eight on the end of your hooklink and a quick link? You dont need link loops..... FACT!!!!!
  16. 1. You wont be able to walk round cos its private land and only members are allowed. You wouldnt want any Tom, Dick and Harry walking round your place unannounced would you? 2. Yes it did lose a hell of a lot of fish a few summers ago and as far as i know, we think that there is just an handful of carp remaining. These are mostly around the high single or low double figure mark but there was a reported 26lb'er caught a few weeks ago. 3. The only stockings that have taken place so i was told was fish being moved from another one of the lakes on the complex that have grown to big for the poor matchmen to handle. Once again if this stocking is true, they will only be high single to low doubles and they wont be many of them. 4. The place is weedy as heck. In fact this needs addressing by the committee cos its chocking the life out of the water but will they do anything?.... Of course not, its a matchman orientated club which hate carp anglers. Thats why we have so many stupid rules in place. Heres the full list of club rules for you to look over..... http://www.broomeanglingsociety.com/Club_Rules.html Jurassic is a long - ish but very narrow lake (you wont need to cast any further than 30 yards), snaggy, feature packed, shallow along one side and like i said very weedy. (Taken from the car park end) You can only bivvy up along one side of the lake which holds 8 swims because of the lack of space on the opposite bank. This is a good thing though cos that means you are casting into the deep channel which runs the entire length of the lake on the opposite bank near to overhanging trees and reed lined margins. Hope that helps.
  17. Is the palomar knot suitable to be used with braid?
  18. Does anyone know of who controls the angling rights for this stretch of river? Names and contact details will be greatly appreciated
  19. Bechers Brook, a jump on the Grand National Racecourse At Aintree, Liverpool.
  20. No and i wouldnt want to. I value my own syndicate far to much to risk fishing Barston didnt tmb slagg of a place and get banned? Am i slagging it off though?..... No. I just said i wouldnt fish it?
  21. No and i wouldnt want to. I value my own syndicate far to much to risk fishing Barston
  22. where that mate Barston lakes is west midlands golf course hasn't there just been a thread on the socials page about this Yes, steer well clear IMGHO
  23. lea valley website gives you the basics but lacking any real indepth heard that carptalk/world had a good write up a while back, but struggling to locate issue Have you tried contacting them? They might be able to help and back issues are always available i would have thought.
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