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  1. Ive took the liberty of doing a search for you and nothing as come up
  2. TBH mate i cant see why boilies are banned on so many venues when luncheon meat (or any meat for that matter) is allowed. After a time in the water, boilies break down. Due to the high fat content in meat, that doesnt break down at all and if left uneaten, just rots and goes rancid. The amount of arguments ive had trying to get that across on my old club forum is unbelievable. It just seems these Micky Mouse clubs have got it into their heads that if boilies are allowed, then the other fish stocks will be near on impossible to catch cos you will have to use nothing but boilies to catch them
  3. Freelining it or under a float with it fished hard on the bottom, lift style in the margins would be my best bet. (Listen..... you can hear all the instant carp anglers whisper..... "Whats lift style mean"?) After all, its not going to stand any cast at all cos its too soft. Speaking of brands of cat food, i know that Coshida was really rated in the past and definately one to look out for
  4. Whats "fetcher and peasfull"? Sounds like ingredients for a spod mix
  5. Check the August edition of Carpology. There is a feature on Ringland in there
  6. Im gonna have a 4 eggs scrambled on toast with beans over the top for dinner before work. Lush!
  7. Wouldnt it be easier to actually go out and BUY a suspender
  8. I would ask the guys at the round table for info personally
  9. I think anyone would, i know i do. It could be something so simple as a change in the hair or hooklink length that can turn a pick up into a positive take. I wouldnt go as far as to totally change the bait because i will be using a food source bait and alternative hookbaits over 3 rods which i have confidence in using anyway. But like Nigel rightly said, if you have total confidence in your rigs (and i do believe the more simple and less obtrusive they are the better), then there is no need to pull out a rig from your tackle box with all the whistles and bells attached to it that the monthly comics have tried to brainwash you into using cos "Mr Superstar Carper X" uses the same. Doing something so extreme as that will only hinder your chances further and you will end up fishing like a numpty
  10. I cant see how changing the colour of your fake corn from yellow to pink made one jot of difference to you catching TBH. There are to many variables for anyone catching or not and here is a couple i can think of off the top of my head..... 1. You may have been on the fish but your end tackle maybe wasnt sitting right. After you changed the fake corn and given it a recast, your end tackle and baited hook may have been sitting perfectly for a carp to get nailed straight away as soon as he picked it up. Or..... 2. Your bait with the yellow corn may have been "sussed" and left well alone. One thing i will say though and this is just my opinion. There is absolutely no need to use a line aligner with shrink tube with IQ hooklengths. The stiffness of the hooklink naturally ensures a "line aligner" effect anyway
  11. Personally i would avoid the beachcaster rig at all costs. It has been banned on quite a few waters (why i dont know, but it must be for safety reasons for the fish) and if you havent got the foggiest how to set one up, i would leave well alone. Its better to be safe than sorry.
  12. You have to dip all nets and weigh slings before you fish Cuttle Mill. They have been practicing that for years.
  13. Come on boys stop playing around with micky mouse hooklinks, try the best..... Armaled Kik Bak Clear and Green. I really rate this stuff and its never let me down.
  14. I love Cuttle Mill and ive never even caught from there either in about 3 visits but like Ian says, thats fishing. Its a very well run fishery and a beautiful place to spend the day. I know a lot of people moan about the drawing of swims but the Mill can get very busy and this drawing of swims ensures everyone has a chance to get into the favoured pegs..... as long as you get to the gate early enough. Ive met a few of the regular anglers and they all seem a top bunch, very friendly and helpful and the all day breakfast from the cafe is just to die for. I would definately recommend it
  15. I love the place and would definately make the 2 hour trip to have another weekend session on there in the future.
  16. Taken from Carp Talk online..... The highlighted sentence worries me. What kind of numptie does this pastime of ours now attract? Its pure lunacy if you ask me
  17. I have total confidence in 2 types of hooklink. A coated braid which is Armaled Kik Bak Clear and Green and a normal braid of ESP Sink Link and thats all i use for 99% of my fishing. I cant see there being any harm whatsoever in trying different materials TBH until you find one thats suited to you and your fishing. Then and only then will you slim your tackle box down accordingly.
  18. Cos my syndicate is silt bottomed and i like using balanced hookbaits with coated braid and light leads, i always use it on every cast.
  19. Andy, why dont you want to use a coated braid in silt? Ive had some success using Kik Bak hooklengths about 11" in length with light 1oz leads on my syndicate and that is ALL silt bottomed.
  20. A semi fixed inline still IS a bolt rig, but i wouldnt use them in weedy waters cos of the safety factor.
  21. Sometimes you have to put situations down like this as "one of those things".
  22. Try counter balancing them so the hook just sinks the bait. Top tactic and has nailed me more fish than i can remember..... especially when the rest of the lake was blanking. Ask the lads on the Grumpy Old Mans social and they will vouch for that
  23. I use it purely to see how the hooklink reacts as to when the lead hits the bottom. Im not saying that the tests are foolproof but they are a good indicator as to gauge what happens to the baited hook.
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