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  1. You will have to wait until someone really in the know comes along to explain the scientific bit cos i dont know. All i do know is that they are both different from one another, they have different properties and flouro is a lot more expensive than mono. Just look at your ESP Ghost spool, it actually says 'Flourocarbon' on the label After all, would you pay £5 for a 20m spool of monofilament?
  2. I dont want to split hairs but ESP Ghost is a flourocarbon
  3. Get on it then mate. I would love to do Rookley for a week.
  4. I think the place is called Rookley Country Park Some decent fish in there as well so ive seen in the media etc
  5. Well done for "sticking to your guns". It makes such a refreshing change to read posts on here about someone who has actually thought their fishing through by experimenting and comparing results (in other words..... 'Getting off their own backside to do it for themselves') instead of expecting all the answers on a plate for them. Keep hauling!
  6. What do you expect from fishing a commercial lake? I wouldnt touch one with a barge pole cos catching 'X' amount of fish in a hour is not fishing to me. Its all about money for the owner and unfortunately fish welfare is definately not at the top of the list.
  7. It was on a Matt Hayes programme that he used a feeder with great success on the Monument. It seemed he used it like a lead on a lead clip arrangement with anti tangle tubing behind the tail rubber. It seemed to work for him Steve but im not sure of the safety aspect of the feeder having to release in case of a line breakage.
  8. Its my opinion Steve based on experiences and observations, albeit limited. Obviously im not saying its right, but i have far more confidence in my approach by fishing pop ups (if the fishing situation warrants it) without the use of an added PVA stick, and my results prove that. The reason being, a stick is supposed to add attraction to a hookbait. The contents of the stick mix will be hard on the deck of the lake, yet the pop should be wafting above it. To me thats unnatural and defeats the object of using the stick in the first place. Why attract the fish to the bottom of the lake to feed, then put it on guard by using a bait off it? To me it doesnt add up. Like i said, im confident in my approach that i can get more takes when using pop ups without the stick, than when using one. On the flipside, im also unsure of the presentation side of things. I dont want to risk my critically balanced pop up being snarled up in weed or bottom detrius when the stick takes it down to the lake bed cos the damn thing may get caught up and not sit like its supposed to do. Thank heavens for dissolving foam, that stuff is a godsend Obviously other people may think different, so it would be good to hear their views
  9. I definately wouldnt bother This place is cess pit chav central.
  10. Really? Personally i dont buy your viewpoint at all, but each to his own.
  11. I gotta admit ive never crimped anything (apart from my wire pike traces). So i really cant comment on this im afraid. All i know is that Wychwood do, or did do a crimping set. Thats all the advice i can give.
  12. What? I had a right to question your post. It was just that considering your post was after mine i thought it was aimed at me. Quite natural really. Anyway, back to the thread.....
  13. Thats great noknot thanks, will give it a go, still think it was for Tony though Thats why i got on the offensive. Cos when i use a choody rig, im using the lightest lead i can get away with just to get the required distance, my lines are slack and the bobbins are hard on the deck
  14. Is this pearl of wisdom aimed at me noknot? Not at all the post ^^^^^^ by bissami, And tell me if I am wrong Tony. Gotcha (crossed wires there fella on my part )..... yes that is correct. I agree with what you say there
  15. Is this pearl of wisdom aimed at me noknot?
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