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  1. I was thinking more about carp care to be honest , I 've never used it before so was just checking if the guys on here would consider it to be ok
  2. I've know carp love sweet fruit flavours ( nutra bait summer fruit etc ) but cost a fortune for small bottle to flavour boilies. If I wanted to flavour a partimix or vitalin/groats mix could i just use and bottle of blackcurrent cordial from supermarket ?
  3. To be honest Graham I'm not that competitive just love winding him up. He was sitting on my shoulder when i was writing the post He's growing up to be a nice , but worryingly, big lad so got to get the digs in now before he can beat me up
  4. Thanks for that mate I can hear him now .... Told you so
  5. I took my eldest son for a day session , he's not really into his fishing but love's the quality time we get when we do get out. His pb was about 5lb and mine was 14lb . I set up two rods and gave him the choice of which rod he wanted for the day . It was funny watching him go from sitting back in his chair to standing next to his rod after every beep . We didnt have a run from 6 a.m till 2 p.m, when his rod went screaming off. After playing it for 10mins and it staying low in the water I realised this was bigger than his 5lb pb maybe even bigger than mine just then it rolled in the margin a foot away from the bank , all we could do was laugh , guess it was the nerves he was rewarded with this stunning 19lb mirror To say he rubbed it in that he had beat my pb was an understatement At around 5pm we decided to pack up, but made sure the rods where the last thing to be packed away. We were like two big kids, who was going to bring their rod in first , when my rod went screaming off The smile was soon wiped off his face when the scales crept up to 19, stopping at 20 1/2 lb What started off a quiet day ended up the best in a long while . He tells me his looks bigger and better but i put that down to me taking the picture
  6. Good job you dont get to see these when out walking the dog or it would be bye bye dog
  7. bigsteve

    Latest session

    Looks worse than what is was to honest, the path was gravel but the pegs where chipping's
  8. bigsteve

    Latest session

    Here's a few pic's me and my mate took , the first two are two of six common I caught on the day up to 12 lb . The third was the pick of the day my mate 's 15lb common ,stunning fish ,nice colour , we both estimated it to be over 20 before actually putting it on the scales , it was so long
  9. bigsteve

    First Carp

    Thanks for the kind words guys especially bez , and I too thought someone would mention it ,but then again I thought no they won't they'd understand the circumstanses, .....It wasn't a case of her being unsupervised, standing up waving a fish around, she was on her knees five inches away from a wet unhooking mat with no rings or jewelry on , never held a fish before ,but suppose thats not good enough for some people. I'm not after a slanging match and to be honest I would reply like this even if it had not been my mrs, but sometimes it would be nice to give credit where credit is due and not be to quick to give a backhanded compliment that I have seen given in the past on here ,to young or inexperienced anglers. Steve
  10. bigsteve

    First Carp

    Took the mrs fishing with us on Saturday , always wanted her to come with us for a day out, but never forced her. She's always interested when ever I get back from a trip, so left it to her to suggest (we know what their like, they have to think it was their idea to be a good one ). Any way she asked so I agreed and we went to a venue near Blackpool. Weather wasn't the best but we had a brilliant days fishing , I fished two ledger rods while I set up a float rod for Wend, I ended up with about a dozen carp to around 6/7 lb and she was enjoying catching some common and mirrors to about one to two pound and some spotless bream. I was so proud of her on the day she gave it her best and she was rewarded at the end of the day with this mirror of just over 4lb . [/img] Now I can hear some of you sayin " Fool fancy taking the mrs fishing with you" but she's assured me she's not into camping i.e bivvy's etc so my night sessions are safe , but to totally honest ...........can't wait till we can do another day session together .
  11. Wow thanks mate thats exactly what i was after.
  12. I visited a small farm today with looking to have a go in the morning for a couple of hours, it has four ponds, three with carp & silvers and one small but busy carp pond with carp to the high teen's . It's five mins away so ideal for taking one rod down for a couple of hours after work to chill. As I walked up to the carp pond the sight was really upsetting. There where two lads from the EA in chest waders scooping carp off the surface with nets. There where carp popping to the surface as we spoke, all dead. I was quite taken a back by the sight , as i look around there was nine or ten clear plastic bags full of carp dotted around the banks of the pond , I couldn't believe my eyes. The lads explained there had been an algy bloom which has starved the pond of oxyen. I don't really know the science behind algy etc, but I'm sure this pond will never be restocked to its former glory, which is a shame because it was very popular with parentsand there children learning the art of fishing. The large orange carp in the bag was at least 10lb . In all I saw no less than sixty dead carp.......... I know people cant comment on the reasons for this disaster but would be interested in any info on how algy could do this to a pond , This seemed to be the only pond affected even though its in really close proximity to the others.
  13. "666" love that picture took me a second glance to see the pooch a camo boxer , quality mate
  14. Hi Andy is this the sort of thing you where talking about , I've used something similar when piking dead bait ?
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