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  1. anyone know how lake 2 is fishing? im off there myself on may 11th they have been spawning all week due to the temps of over 100 deg!
  2. anyone else got any decent waters in the northwest.....im about to join lymm angling. anyone got any advice on which lakes (shakerely and lymmvale seem obvious) i fished highfields last weekend resulting in no fish and no runs! my bro caught 2 mirrors at 20-4 and 24-5....the smaller fish having never been caught! is anyone fishing the northwest carp championships at wyreside in august? apparently its pairs with one fishing wyre or bantons and the other fishing sunny 1,2 or foxes...maybe even river and quarry too but im not sure...good prize money up for grabs!
  3. im joining waa myself....ive heard sandiway has some good fish in but quite a difficult water, is it true the bottomis like an egg box? know any other decent northern waters?
  4. lucky you!...ive no idea of where borick is mate, never heard of it but ill ask around for you is anyone on here gonna actually gonna tell us where these northern lakes are?
  5. 15 people viewed this forum and only 1 actually typed anything! seems its all take take take in here!!..come on, dont keep all your northwest waters a secret...their aint many of them! anyone who needs anymore info on highfields just let me know
  6. highfields is a day ticket water on the way to fleetwood near blackpool....its 25 notes a day for 3 rods. approximately 4 acres with 8 pegs, its set out perfect with each peg having their own area to fish the stock is approximately 120 fish from 12/13lbs - 30+ with the lake record currently being 29lb 4oz.....sounds a lot of fish for a small lake but their not easy to catch! i did 5 blanks before i actually caught loosing 3 fish on previous occasions! baitwise i think anything works well, im going for 4 days next week so ill let you know how i get on!
  7. anyone know any lakes up north that hold good carp apart from wyreside and highfields??
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