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  1. its saying bait boats are rubbish and pointless when you can just use a spod which does just as good as a job Or trying to get a bait right under a tree? With precision and accuracy? It's which bait boat not what spod If I was you I'd go for a procat, fantastic boat or an atom, there wicked aswell
  2. A few lads do that on my lake, they use zigs at night with a isotope through the middle, they seem to catch a few on it aswell ? I've never tried it though. Suppose you could get a bit of black foam and insert one through the middle? Might work, not sure how safe it is for the fish though saying that, I'm ok with it as the liquid shouldn't leak? But it might so do some tests first mate in a small bowl at home? Dan
  3. All my bait is rolled fresh, however, will be changing bait supplier soon to a local one I never re freeze bait if it's been out of the freezer, it's put in the lake for fish to eat, and if the lake and numbers on allow, I'll put it on several spots, can't hurt to get the fish munching on ya bait
  4. Took some of my mates red fix mix on a week session and had a few out on it, looks and smells a really nice bait Also agree on the milky amino!!!
  5. Sorry forgot to say that braid is band
  6. Not a rig as such but what main line do you use for your floater fishing? And what hooklink? I normally use double strength for hooklink but will be interested to hear peoples ideas on mainline
  7. On a lake that is windy (and i mean very windy) most of the time, will there be much tow under the water (like the seas current)? i appreciate there wont be much, but when its extremely windy, do you think there will be much movement of a 1.5 ounce to 3 ounce lead in 5-6ft of water at about 50-70 yard range? any opinions on a 1.5 ounce lead as im thinking of going down from a 3 ounce lead to a 1.5 ounce
  8. They sell off cuts at most bait shops near me, 10kg for about 15 quid
  9. NAILED I would say, barbed hooks? Did you try forceps, I have never had problems getting hooks out? Not sure really
  10. Location, location, I won't fish at the syndicate without finding the fish and this year I had a ggod hit at finding the fish, putting 200 baits in a massive area and then firing 3 or 4 choddies onto that area, however onto the waters I fished the year before, I couldn't catch on choddies, I could only catch on "simple" rigs such as the "blowback" and a simple bit of line aligned shrink tube and the hair coming off of the middle of the shank, the first ever hair rig occording to kevin Nash and if any of you have seen his illustration of which a carp sucks and blows, I strongly agree with it A carp sucking, when a carp sucks, it sucks the hook and boilie back into the back of it's mouth, and then blows, thus the boilie goes out first followed by the hook turning and going out bend first which will not enable the hook to catch hold Watch his video on YouTube it's about 3 minutes from the end on his guide for rigs part 2 (rig mechanics) o
  11. sorry, thats what i meant, because he says something like 'the people that used the hair rig had no hair as they had used it as the hair on the actuall rig' lol and i got confused with the 'blowback ring' and the hair, indeed it did come off of the bend of the hook, and thanks for pointing me in the right direction thanks dan What do we all think to the all new solar end gear range? the supposed camo range (weed effect)
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