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  1. im up at 0430 till hopefully 1030ish tomorrow............ and im going to cane them
  2. ive fished the telford withy last yr lots of low doubles, ideal if your just starting carp fishing as it is supposed to be brimming with them (too many ive been told) must admit i only live 10 mins away i wouldnt be willing to travel to far for it. never heard of any bother though and its days only
  3. i have dreamt i was making boilies containing drugs and got raided by the police
  4. tons of places in telford some are an absolute doddle (if theres such a thing, catch one day blank the next) i would offer but i tend to get up at 5am finish at 10, being an ignorant sod i enjoy the peace and quiet of being on my tod (or is that just me being a billy no mates?). have a wander round some of the lakes all the carp anglers ive spoke to are a friendly lot
  5. well i gave it a go today resulting in a 13lb common happy days however i nodded off and caught a duck as well duck was fine though the water level of lake is foot and half down to normal which makes washing line achievable, once it returns to norm level ill have to think of something else (also this is first fish caught on plastic corn on its own)
  6. Im afraid far bank is unfishable as it is a cliff face. Tried floating baits but ducks a prob so maybe a beachcaster would work
  7. im aiming to fish opposite bank to me which is sloping down towards me at approx 45% poss steeper. it is an old quarry and its basically rock the problem is i have seen i think all the lakes fish feeding in the top 3inch of bank. how could i fish literally 2-3inch from bank? friand was saying about using a bankstick with elastic band onthe opposite bank casting a lead to it, attach hooklink and drop in place using elastic to lightly trap just enough line (it sounds good but he is a wind up merchant) so i wondered what you thought
  8. how did it go any joy? ive never fished it but ive been walking round recently, looks a good pool snags look a pain in the but though
  9. going to have to keep an eye openfor some of them me thinks. hmmmmm but i was thinking surely if it was a winner everyone would be doing it by now? i thought it was agreat idea aswell going to try it though on 1 rod see what happens
  10. I cant see why the isotope would move and it certainly shouldnt leak but i suppose sods law it would
  11. I cant see why the isotope would move and it certainly shouldnt leak but i suppose sods law it would
  12. carp are v inquisitive etc etc was wandering about inserting a lit isotope through a boilie so it would be 90 deg to the hair just had a measure up with a 15mm and the ends of the isotope were protruding about 1mm out of boilie it looks great has anyone had a go at this before? would it cause any probs to the fish? can anyone think of reasons for it to be a no no
  13. ive never done an overnight here,well have to sort a social ive had 3 carp in a handful of morning visits 1 of 8lb ish on pva bag 1 rod out and 2 just under 15lb 1 on 7ft zig and other bottom boilie which was 2ish rods out from other side i think i may have said hello shooter had a wander round saturday think my next visit ill have 2 rods for carp and my spod for cats
  14. was there last weekend no joy im afraid 1 bream for me 2 bream 2 tench for little un. jemsue has mentioned prev to stay close to margins couple of rods out.
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