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    Sitting Next to a Lake outside my Bivvy hearing BEEP BEEP BEEP !

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  1. fish the opposite side of the wall bank left hand side infront of fallen tree and another rod out into open on edge of the weeds iv always done well their
  2. Hes been on the hunt recently hes their most weekends now !
  3. Marchamly is good pool fish it quite regular , always busy tho ! also have a dabble on newport canal can be quite entertaining somedays !
  4. Nope trying it this weekend tho so will let you know !
  5. Just thread them on your hooklink then use a twig or something jam it into the whole in the last one it stops them from sliding up and down the hooklink
  6. iv used nash one too never had a problem with it but currenlty im using ESP Strip tease i also rate that highly too !
  7. Yes if i can get out of work im up for it !
  8. No never fished it cause of rumours car being damaged locals causing trouble i have walked round it loads tho seem cracking and to be honest recently i have not heard a bad thing about it so i might have to do a night or 2 on their soon !!
  9. i might come up for a night/day session soon !
  10. sounded like good fun then dave !, might have to get down their sometime !
  11. margin work dave or out in the middle ?
  12. how did you get on at blue pool dave much luck ?
  13. your putting a bit too much in I think thats what hes trying to say
  14. i completley agree does not look like a 30lb at all !
  15. Thursday Paper ! i went through all old papers got in recyclin bin i started to doubt myself so had to double check
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