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  1. Yep, along as you can change gear and reach the back break should be fine. Stay safe though.
  2. what??? you get 2 on and the gear?? i know your small dan,but you must of grown a bit since i see you last I have grown a bit Lol I meant under his legs, is funny to watch tho as his sense of balance isn't great And what about 2 6ft lengths of guttering going down the side of the bike that you can slide 1 rod in and cap it off? Held on by clips of some sort?
  3. On a moped my mate does this bedchair is behind my legs lent up against the seat, rucksack on and a trakker NXG rod bag that keeps 3 rods and a Brolly inside.
  4. There great alarms had mine for a year and can't fault them really. Never let me down
  5. Sorry to be rude as such but I don't get it? Lol, maybe a pm ?
  6. Long hooklink? Light leads? Is the clay hard or soft
  7. its saying bait boats are rubbish and pointless when you can just use a spod which does just as good as a job Or trying to get a bait right under a tree? With precision and accuracy? It's which bait boat not what spod If I was you I'd go for a procat, fantastic boat or an atom, there wicked aswell
  8. Did the whole winter in a brolly and didn't really like it if I'm honest, I just need to go fishing though as thats my thing! Lol
  9. Bluebells will be a good choice mate
  10. A few lads do that on my lake, they use zigs at night with a isotope through the middle, they seem to catch a few on it aswell ? I've never tried it though. Suppose you could get a bit of black foam and insert one through the middle? Might work, not sure how safe it is for the fish though saying that, I'm ok with it as the liquid shouldn't leak? But it might so do some tests first mate in a small bowl at home? Dan
  11. The wind has been howling of late, managed to get the evo up for a quick overnighter and managed a scraper 20 from the syndy. Took on a milk amino bottom bait and a pineapple wafter, pics to come after college
  12. Managed a couple this weekend, getting amongst the Now on the syndy, reckon it's the new bait/dumbells
  13. That up wilby way? By mcdonalds ?
  14. Cheers for all the comments, I've decided not to fish this venue, (doesn't have a name just a free water) and am going to be fishing stanwick instead lol, much cleaner, normally I would be on my syndicate by fancy a change for the weekend
  15. Cheers fellas. It's horrid I know. people just leave rubbish in the corner of the swim as it's in a load of trees, which people "take advantage of". Take it home you dirt bags lol And just wanted to get a few ideas in what people think about fishing the "lesser fished swims" like a survey mate, will include them if I have there permission, I'm just writing this because I want to, not because I have to
  16. There is a few swims on a lake that I'm fishing this weekend that are "less fished", the swims them selfs though are horrible, people use them to chuck there rubbish down and do poos in the hedges down there lol, do you think they are worth fishing as they are the less fished swims? Also what do you think bait wise, a big dominating area of particles or a small patch as after all, fish have proberly never seen a bait in that area lol Just incase you want to know, the lake is 7ft deep and doesn't really vary from that, it's not that easy, there is a little bit of chod etc but the bottom is mostly clean, and I hear the lake gets rammed at weekends, just going so I can write and article for an e mag Will inform you how I do anyway Dan
  17. Well in kev, was just packing up when maz told me you had it, good angling
  18. My mate fits all his kit in an mr2 sports car, the roof is down on it and the rods rest on the passenger seet leaning against the front windowscreen, the kit in the boot just fits hence the boot is bungee corded down lol rest of the kit is stacked on the passenger seet, mental lol Should all fit in that car tho bud
  19. All I seem to catch at the min out of island is stockie, but a fish is a fish, sorry about the pic quality
  20. All my bait is rolled fresh, however, will be changing bait supplier soon to a local one I never re freeze bait if it's been out of the freezer, it's put in the lake for fish to eat, and if the lake and numbers on allow, I'll put it on several spots, can't hurt to get the fish munching on ya bait
  21. Stay clear of the bivvys, my friends have got one and there nothing to the likes of aqua/trakker etc
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