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  1. Cheers Nige. Glad you liked it and thanks for the positive feedback
  2. I have been making youtube vids for years (as most of you will know). I decided to create a winter long special this year. Starting from November, myself and a couple of friends fished for Pike, Carp, Perch and Chub and a few others. We had ups and downs but it was good fun. A hell of a lot of work and editing! But good fun. So, if you have an hour spare, then feel free to give it a watch. Feedback would be appreciated Cheers. Joe
  3. Got this book as part of a carpology subscription deal for Christmas. I don't really read at all, unless you count facebook statuses This is also the first fishing book that I have ever got and I'm actually really enjoying it. You can really invision his sessions and it's written in such a down to earth way that he seems like a mate as you are reading it. Anyone else read it? What did you think? Joe
  4. Got to agree with the above. Black and white tends to make images atmospheric and moody. It's all down to what you want your image to say to the viewer
  5. Going to be trying for some perch soon but I have never targeted them specifically. What sets ups/baits would you recommend? The venue has carp in too so I will have one rod out for them, but the perch grow up to 1-2lb in size. I've heard ledgered prawn can work? Hope you can help. Cheers. Joe
  6. I often find my rod in the middle doesn't get as much action as I hope it would. But if I do its brief and easy.....
  7. I think it also depends on stock levels too. If you are fishing a runs water where you expect to several fish an hour then dumping a lead each time would be stupid. But say you are fishing a very tough water where you are fishing for just the one bite. Sometimes dropping the lead then can help. I fished in-lines for years on runs waters for this reason. Now I'm on a much tougher lake with a few snaggy areas so ditching the lead will give me better contact with the fish and be safer in snaggy situations
  8. fingers were fine My mate is very confident with pike and showed me exactly how to handle a pike, so I know what to do quite easily now
  9. Decided to give pike fishing a crack this winter. Never done it before. I caught one around 6lb on my first session within 5minutes but had 4 straight blanks after that. expecting a 5th blank I wasn't very hopeful until my dead bait steamed off on the river Avon. The result was my second ever pike at 14lb 14ounce.
  10. nicely done. A great haul of fish!
  11. Just a one off mate. My mate is back from Uni and instead of buying a bathampton AA at £30 and then a day ticket, we went to Coking farm instead which has an offer on for July. £20 for 48hours. Bargain!
  12. Well this was pointless. A carp forum where no one seems to care about captures. I remember when posting on here used to get instant responses. Oh well.
  13. Me and a mate headed to Coking Farm fisheries in Dorset for a 48hour session. The weather was piping hot and the fish just wouldn't feed! However, when it cooled off at night I did managed a few. These two came just after 2am on the first night. This one came just before sunrise on the last day. So some lovely fish but a tad slow considering how long we were there for. But with views like this... and mates and meals like this... You can't complain. Joe Youtube blog:
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