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  1. Got this book as part of a carpology subscription deal for Christmas. I don't really read at all, unless you count facebook statuses This is also the first fishing book that I have ever got and I'm actually really enjoying it. You can really invision his sessions and it's written in such a down to earth way that he seems like a mate as you are reading it. Anyone else read it? What did you think? Joe
  2. Going to be trying for some perch soon but I have never targeted them specifically. What sets ups/baits would you recommend? The venue has carp in too so I will have one rod out for them, but the perch grow up to 1-2lb in size. I've heard ledgered prawn can work? Hope you can help. Cheers. Joe
  3. fingers were fine My mate is very confident with pike and showed me exactly how to handle a pike, so I know what to do quite easily now
  4. Decided to give pike fishing a crack this winter. Never done it before. I caught one around 6lb on my first session within 5minutes but had 4 straight blanks after that. expecting a 5th blank I wasn't very hopeful until my dead bait steamed off on the river Avon. The result was my second ever pike at 14lb 14ounce.
  5. makes a lot more sense cheers
  6. I have recently started using combi rigs and am very impressed! First session using them I caught 6 fish on them and they were all nailed! However, I am currently fishing on a difficult water which is very silty in spots. I really want to use the combi rig because of the way it kicks away from the lead and resets itself. The problem is that if the lead sinks into the silt, the rig would be sticking up out of the silt and make catching nearly impossible. My idea being, would a double combi rig sort this problem or would it just be pointless? The standard combi rig uses 2 different materials which is typically a stiff section then a supple section. My idea is having a supple section off the lead, then the stiff section, then back to a supple section for the hook and bait. The idea being that if the lead sunk into the silt the supple section wouldn't push the rig up, but instead will hug the bottom. The stiff section would then kick the rest of the rig away as usual, then back to the supple section for the hook and bait. I hope that makes sense. If you understood my concept and have any ideas on it then please let me know. Joe
  7. On one of my most recent sessions I lost my unhooking mat at the lake. Only realising when I went to dry it back at home. So I got straight onto ebay and looked for a new one. I decided to go from a carp cradle mate with a velcro top. Something which is far more safe, especially for bigger fish which I hope to catch in the near future. Anyway, it came in the post and its a bit bigger than I thought!! Here's to optomistic fishing!
  8. I went for the Quick-Rib It was the cheapest but looks perfect for what I wanted. Quick overnighters. Cheers. Thanks for all the suggestions though guys. Had a look at all of them.
  9. sounds pretty pathetic but to be honest, £100ish tops. The JRC Contact is one I'm interested in. Anyone had any experience with one?
  10. Can anyone help!! I don't have a lot of money but want to get a proper night shelter. I've done a night in/under my day shelter but I could do with something more substantial. Can anyone point me in the right direction for good value for money bivvies? Sites to use? Makes of bivvy etc. cheers
  11. I haven't read it either.
  12. Any more advice people? Need to know asap as its my birthday Saturday.
  13. How do you check the dimensions? I did what i though was side to side and it measured about 75 inches!
  14. I have a Korum stormshield day shelter but wanted to get an overwrap for it. I can't seem to find one but I can't afford to buy a new bivvy as I want to start night fishing properly. Is there any universal sized overwraps that would work or am I stuck?
  15. wow absolutely cracking fish. some really long ones aswell. well done.
  16. just so people might notice this thread again i thought i'd comment george. don't have a clue.
  17. And it does, i saw the film tonight. I was a tad disappointed about the film to be honest. Its good, but it has been loosely based on the novel and i feel it leaves out quite a few of the key moments that feature in the book. But then again i suppose you must expect that. It must be hard for a filmaker to condense 600 odd pages of a very well written novel into just over a 2 hour film. Its still a very well made film though i havn't read the book which is probably why i would rate it higher than you because i didn't know what to expect. i saw it on wednesday. i didn't even know there was a book. it was a really good film and i thoroughly recommend it
  18. two nice fish there mate. well done.
  19. well this is our latest book to read for our coarsework. i managed an A in my inspector calls one. it seems to take forever to get into it and because the style of writing is a lot different to what we are all used to its quite confusing. what is everyone elses views on this book?
  20. yeh. i got an A in it. also done our film review thing and got an A in that and an A in another thing. guess what my target grade is aswell. an A
  21. well it looks like the girl is choosing what bit she wants to eat.
  22. useph


    well.... at least you didn't blank.
  23. £10 isn't really a lot for a day ticket. Some lakes charge like £40 for 24hours! my local day ticket water is £3 a day and used to be £2.50. with a bathampton aa which is £8 for the whole year then £3 for each day.
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