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  1. I still have photos of that lol. At the ARC I had to tie both sides of my brolly to trees to stop it folding in. I lost my brolly twice in 2 weeks last winter which I found quite funny. My mate lost his brolly in a storm and I have pictures of it in the lake lol. No doubt I'll lose my brolly at some point this winter fishing on a windswept section of canal or one of the other open winter lakes I visit.
  2. Can't go far wrong with some chopped worm and caster, you don't need loads and a kilo of worms is about 20quid and last for ages. (800 ish worms) add a couple of bits and bobs for a nice light spod mix.
  3. Didn't dynamite do the meaty marine in the first place. In a tin designed for dynamite sticks? Talking old Skool, should I buy ss2600 reels or tourny 5000t for my 2lb tc free spirits?
  4. I sometimes wonder if I'm wasting my life fishing. Will I get old and be happy with just fishing memories? It is the only thing I look forward to and the one thing I want to spend my spare time doing. Any spare time spent doing anything other than fishing I feel is time wasted, so spend my spare time doing something fishing related..... Sometimes that's just day dreaming about it.
  5. Cracking Joe, made me chuckle. And you can't have a fishing tale without one that got away
  6. I use it loads and to be honest if your using it for hinge booms try it in 12lb. It does discolour as your stretch it and stays like that but I don't have them snap on me. If you need a little more security you can use 15lb but with 20lb you end up with a rig which does not fish as effectively and can often end up with the rig presented poorley due to being too stiff. A little finesse in your rigs goes a long long way.
  7. I was looking to join this syndicate, cracking lake and from what I'm told it is difficult but rewarding. I lad I fish with done a season on there and had an awesome year including 16 fish through the winter from one swim. (2009/10) From what he told me it was simple fishing, bait up regularly and be vigilant of the new clear spots appearing where the fish are ripping up the weed and get on them early. While it was simple fishing he put loads of effort into baiting up regularly and setting up in the dark and leaving in the dark etc he was rewarded for this and had all his target fish in the year.
  8. Fox fx 60, awesome bit of kit with loads of extras in the package and if you look around you can pick it up for 199 with clear panel mozzi panel and zip on front with 4 sticks and heavy duty groundsheet. I wish mine did not get eaten by mice over winter, best brolly I've seen and used. You could pick up the warrior version, everything the same but with nylon brolly for £140 same extras as above.
  9. Just sat here with my boy and watched it. You know it's good when a 16month old is silent and Sitting here pointing at the screen watching the carp browse over the weed. I think we will have another angler in a couple of years.
  10. Hi Phil, Not loads of fish in the lakes, well there are but they are well spread. Well worth the money for fishing but you do need to a bit of work and the rewards are there. There are a few more fish in the 3corner these days and the big lake has a few too. I would say that long lake is worth a look some crackers in there and it'll be empty.
  11. I suppose we can't see pictures of the 40lb Linear can we? Which one? One I can pm you to have a look if you like. Still tickets available for the lake too.
  12. Frank that linear that wez is holding I have done photos for a couple of times this year. Watched that fish grow on from low 20s to upper 20s and is one of the nicest linears in the country. We have some cracking fish around me, especially the linears. One up the road has gone from 20s to over 40lb in the last couple of years and a very private water has a superb linear no more than 3 miles from my front door which last year was caught by a friend at well over 40lb.....
  13. Those CWA fish look the business. Wouldn't mind contact details for them. I said about breeders in the previous thread to hopefully uncover a few places who are producing special fish for a project of mine. I could see these fish swimming about the old and mature 30acre gravel pit I have acquired recently.
  14. Second one is a pure belter, awesome fish. I wonder if anyone breeds them like that these days.
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