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  1. thanks for the info bud, i used to fish there over 10 years ago seems like a lifetime ago now , so have they moved the 40s and all the other carp to just to pine and canal then? yes i dont agree with barbel or chub going into still waters they need flowing rivers to survive they wont last long in a lake
  2. That sounds good , are there still a few lumps swimming around in there ? Be good to have a runs type water there
  3. Did you try them on -minus aswell , does get very windy there fished that same spot many a times
  4. I like the look of the cavagnac lake in France , anyone been before ?
  5. An easy way to combat your delkims from bleeping when the wind picks up is to turn the sensitivity on the alarm down
  6. Used allot of Floro over the years started out with xline sunk well but found it really wire like and high memory not nice to use at all then moved onto Berkley trilene this again sunk well and was supple but behaved badly like it had adhd jumped off the spool from time to Time but was cheap and came in big spools 1100mtrs for the same price as others in 300mtrs Then I started using Korda kontour and tigerline in my eyes these are the 2 best out there at the moment both sink well behave well ,supple and cast well if I had to pick 1 out of the 2 it would be tiger line but there's not allot in it and the tiger is £5 more expensive at £25 for a 300mtr spool compared to the kontours £20 for 300mtr spool, last time I spool up 3 reels was with the kontour saving myself £15
  7. not used the mark 3,, but used a viper icon for a few years and to be honest it was very reliable and very well made, only gripe i had with it was battery life was not very good , but found batteries were very cheap on ebay so got a few spares, viper now do a newer model icon with a 2.4 g receiver now so range is improved aswell and battery life improved, if you looking for a boat the new icon is a good shout or the bsa lakstar or the deliverance baitboat there about the best uk boats imo waverunner and microcat are pants
  8. the best baitboat on the market is a carplounge RT4
  9. some good looking venues here lads cheers,, which lake is trinity at grendon carpmachine ? its number 5 on there map key but number 5 is missing on the map picture, how big is the lake? are there allot of fish in there do the respond to lots of bait .., churn pool looks brilliant andy but unfortunately there fully booked from march right through until October,,but I will remember the venue and maybe try next year.. jimmboy cottington lakes looks good aswell I will give them a ring 2moz and try and book on , have you fished it much?? does it fish well, and does it hold a 55lb. thanks markspod what is your question??
  10. Cromwell is a nice venue mate but they don't take bookings only exclusive and it will be very busy that time of year, thanks for the input tho fella
  11. Cheers bolide crazy in going to do a search on these, I'm liking the sound of them, might also take a road trip down to have a recon at some point
  12. Yeah it has been a while Newmarket , how's things did you do much fishing last year ? Thanks for the link looks nice place but more catered for holiday home fishing
  13. Cheers fella looks like a nice place have you fished it before are there many fish in there?
  14. Hi and happy new year to you all ! Me and my wing men who I usually go France with every April have decided to stay in the uk this year and do a 7 day stint at a venue on our home soil, my question is does anyone know a big carp venue with plenty of fish to go at with whopers in too that can be booked ! not to fussed about where it is in uk don't mind driving for a good venue Could do with some showers etc there too, Thanks. Russ Ps pm,s welcome if you don't want to shout about the venue
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