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Reservoir diary


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So the rods are put


I'm fishing off the bottom of a slope, roughly 15ft in depth 14 wraps out. 20 spombs of tigers/hemp/flaked maize.

So the traps are set, rods been out for about 6 hours. The fish have just started showing in front of me but like 5 or so wraps off where my hookbaits are.

Now deciding whether to wait it out and hope they move out towards my baits or put a rod on them 🤦‍♂️anyway its good to be back on the bank🤣

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9 hours ago, B B said:

Best of luck looking good 👍… is that fresh weed in front of you ?

Yeah mate it's like grass 🤣 I'm thinking of moving my baits to the edge of it, I didn't have anything last night but they were jumping close in and I reckon they getting amongst it 🧐

Lovely morning tho 👌


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49 minutes ago, jh92 said:

Sat here this morning debating whether I should leave or stay on, at that moment the rod ripped off catching this little beauty 👌




8lb 12oz 👍



Great pic and what a lovely morning for you, bet that Common has never seen a hook before.

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24 minutes ago, B B said:

Great pic and what a lovely morning for you, bet that Common has never seen a hook before.

Thanks mate yeah I reckon the same, they fight so hard!! And I've managed to christen one of the daiwa reels as well 🤣

This rig done the business, the bait is sitting like a wafter would.


Just spoke to the bailiff and it's been fishing really slow at the moment with only 3 fish coming out in the last 2 weeks so hopefully its just the fish not feeling it and not my angling 🤣🤣

I've been watching the water and early morning and late evening they are coming right into the weed in the margins. I have very little experience fishing in weed, but wondering if I should try a chod rig on a heli setup 🤔

That being said rain is coming in tomorrow from early morning so might just do the day and go home this evening, hate packing up wet gear 🤣

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21 hours ago, B B said:

Get the spod out then 


16 hours ago, elmoputney said:

Throwing stick target practice? 


2 hours ago, B B said:

That’s crazy seeing them paddling in yer swim 😳

They ended up in the bay, just on my left. I think it annoyed me more than the fish, expect they are used to it, with all the boats and water sports etc lol.

I'm heading back there next Monday for 5 nights so will be prepping this week.

Is there much difference in Chinese and French hemp?

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Instead of 5 nights starting Monday, going tomorrow night as well now 🤣

Chest freezer half full with prepped hemp/tigers/maize, with another some bigger tigers soaking. Also got a 15kg sack of flaked maize, 4.5l of the hemp ĵuice water it was cooked in to soak the particles when it's thawed out. Thinking of adding some condensed milk to help it cloud up a bit 🤔

Going to have a go with the adjustable zig on one rod because last time they were showing but not really on the feed, wondering if they are higher up in the water?

Also taking my mate with me who's new to fishing for carp, so main mission will be to get him one on the bank lol

As I'm writing this I've just remembered to pack the binos 🤣

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Hmm lol so last time I fished here the water was high and you had to have your tips high to clear the bushes etc. So brought a little fold up saw with me to chop them down a little. Wades out and starts cutting them down under water, only gone and nicked my waders with the saw 🤣

It's put a small hole in the left leg. Question is, will a puncture repair kit patch it? It's pretty much a pin prick but the water is getting in and giving me a wet sock 🤣

Any suggestions on a bank side bodge would be great 🤣

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Can’t give you a bank side bodge but 

my boat cover had 4 holes it it and I used tear aid fix kit from millets to repair it as a temporary fix until I buy a new cover 

these patches are always under water when it rains and until I go down to the boat for any reason and then I throw the water off 


the other thing that may work is tenacious tape



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1 hour ago, jh92 said:

Any suggestions on a bank side bodge would be great 🤣

Bit of bad luck there..but could have been worse might have nicked something very important  🤭

You could melt a bit of plastic with a lighter and drip a drop or two over the hole  🤔



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Orr heat up a knife  then place it on the hole slide it over gently….

As an afterthought if your using your saw again and manage to lop off a arm or leg you could use the above technique to cauterise the cut enabling you to carry on with your trip, I got the idea from watching a old flim which I believe stared Tony Curtis called, now I could be wrong here but im going to say The vikings he unfortunately had his hand arm chopped off and a quick fix in them days was to set fire to the cut to stem the blood 

I can thoroughly recommend the film  👍

 Best of luck with saw and trip. 

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