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Hooklink material advice


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Hi All,

I have been using two tone coated braid hooklink for a while now but I have had a few issues recently such as breaks, knots breaking when testing (The knots themselves are tied correctly!) and fraying easily. Can anyone recommend a good all round material please? My lakes have plenty of weed but with silty pitches. Cheers

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Ive been using hydrlink and there floro for years.


You can leave all the floro in (stiff rig) make a break in it.

(hinged stiff)

strip just the end (combi)

Use the floro as a stiff hair !!

Or strip the lot out and just use as braid :)


I usually tie some rigs up "stiff" and alter at the lake as needed :wink:

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Is it just braid you are after? I'm not a big fan of braids, but I would recommend using any of the Kryston braids. Really strong and reliable.


I'm the same, I've never had a problem with Kryston hooklink materials giving way on me, although I always check and double check my knots after I failed to do so after landing a fish and the knot gave way. I had a combi rig, Amnesia to Merlin, and after landing a 20 on it, I cast it out and the combi join knot way. It was my fault, I didn't check after playing a strong fighting fish and cast straight out.


That means to me, after every fish, before every cast or on retrieve, check your mainline for damage in case you've fragged it, especially near the end tackle as run rings, lead clips stress, gravel and snags can take chunks and frag your line.


The most common cause for a breakage is a badly tied or wrong knot for the material or even sliding the knot down without lubricating it.(Do NOT use a blood knot with braids!)


My Kryston problem was that the coating on Jackal I found a bit weak and would split, ( coating only) when I did snug the Uni knot down properly even when it was salivated on.


As for braids coated and uncoated, with the exception of Jackal (for me personally) look no further than Kryston; Merlin, Silkworm, Mantis, Snakebite or Snakeskin etc will not let you down

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