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  1. Cheers mate I’ll need it! First time fishing it so more of a learning expedition this afternoon/ evening hopefully get some longer sessions in throughout the season
  2. Maybe 👀👀 lol yes mate it certainly is
  3. Back out giving it a go on a club lake that apparently holds some absolute bangers. fingers crossed 🤞🏻
  4. Not to bad thanks mate, had a lot going on in life and not really been out much, found out yesterday that we have to have one of our dogs put to sleep so I’ve basically gone “screw everything” I’m going fishing and need to chill out......hence being out today and I feel better already. Hopefully I’ll geg back into the swing of things and be getting out a bit more often and posting a bit more frequently
  5. Morning gentlemen, been a while but got the sticks out again so thought I’d share
  6. I have some of the reels to along with my shimano’s. The low twenty from margin was on the dwarf couple with a bp4 black reel. If the Titan hide is anything like the tc pro you’ll be happy with one 😉 as for the terry Edmonds comment pic below
  7. Just my two pennies, scopes are all I use these days, haven’t touched my 12fts in two seasons, I don’t dress like Alan Blair and definetly don’t wear nike trainers (Adidas in the summer) 🤣😂 dwarf 2lb 6 foot played a low twenty from a snaggy margin with no issues at all 10ft 3lb scopes are what I now use for most of my fishing, handled my current pb of 29lb again from snags with zero issues. As for casting capabilities just google terry Edmonds scope rods and see what you can find I don’t remember the distance but seem to think it was 170 yds on a prototype rod plenty of people don’t like nash gear......plenty of people do. Use them and make your own mind up 😉 tight lines
  8. Evening gentlemen, just popped in to say hi and yes I’m still alive and still not getting out fishing too much hope your all well and catching a few
  9. I just always look a miserable [censored] mate 🤣 mas for bayeswater I have a 48 to sort out with bc at some point and no doubt I shall do some sessions over there, unfortunately fishing has taken a bit of a back seat recently with family and work commitments coming out on top but I’ll hopefully be back in the swing of things soon. Mas for the looking freezing I was actually nice and warm despite having been soaked through to the skin......and my mate, p.b I think that says it all 😉
  10. No worries mate, I’ll see if I can find my instructions when I get home and see if I can help you any further
  11. Oh and something i forgot to add :- @greekskii you was right about the running rig mate! Far better indications and absolute screamers so thanks for opening my eyes to that one 👌🏻
  12. I have nash bp 4 all black - played a fish of 23lb and ounces on a dwarf 6ft 2lb rod with ease. I also have 2 nash bp 6 all black with 2 scope sawn off rods in 3lb that I’ve not had chance to use yet. As for the the bp 4 never been a problem for me smooth, casts well, retrieves line well, looks nice.....does it’s job. So I guess everyone has had different experiences with them but like the shimmy daiwa debate. Also have shimmy cats 5500’s and 14000’s and love them I’d recommend any of the reels I have dependant on people’s budgets
  13. Not posted for a while but had some luck on Sunday when I took a mate out for a little social/ knowledge passing session. Had 4 fish up to 17.3lb and lost one that felt a lot better than any of the others (always the way) got absolutely drenched in between the car and the lake too which was delightful 😐! my friend had 3 up to 21lb 1oz ( his be pb) so he had a mega day which pleases me no end 😁 always good to help someone get their pb. Top is a couple of my fish and then my mates be pb below
  14. Hey I have the scales your talking about, I believe they save the last 3 or five weights automatically but not 100% sure, all I can advise is google and have a little read of the instructions. I have no use for the memory feature personally so haven’t really looked into that side of the scales
  15. Nothing better than early doors from work and being paid to fish 👌🏻
  16. Half day up braxted back lake, 1 tench, 1 hook pull and the weirdest take I have ever seen but after the hook pull was to hesitant 😕 and it didn’t turn into a full blown run....better luck next time
  17. No worries, just be happy you’re catching mate ask anyone on here my name should be master blanket 🤣😂🤣 I go lake watching not fishing
  18. That last line is priceless mate! Congrats on the fish, well angled
  19. I wish mate! Platinum coated rocking horse 💩 springs to mind mate, i have 12ft’ers from my 12ft setup bit of a pain in the butt really
  20. Ex military Arctic bags! When I didn’t have my sleep system they are all I ever used (mainly camping) never had a cold night A)no carp tax. b)rated down to I believe -15 C)super warm d) did I mention no carp tax
  21. double rod skin just arrived for my marker and spod rods 😁 day of work and a fishing parcel 👌🏻
  22. See now that’s my idea of perfection cloud......love a bit of wonky.....love the looks even more and I sleep very soundly.....I don’t even get woken by my alarms 🤣😂 (they never go off)
  23. Bait prep for tomorrow nights/Saturday session got a little messy, syrup /pellets/flake/ and sweet corn juice nearly up to my elbow.
  24. No problem at all mate, I have been up about half hour, I’m 33 with two kids and two dogs...... i have been up and out by 04:15 every other day this week though..... so it’s only fair that I had a little catch up. 🤣😂🤣😂
  25. I shall be looking forward to your review smufter.....I’ve had these on my watch list for quite some time
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