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  1. I don’t know. Rabbits and foxes can get through the fence. There was a video circulating a few years ago of a fox sliding through the gaps. Deers and badgers won’t but then that isn’t a bad thing for a fishery. Badgers can turn over swims if you’re unlucky where they make a set.
  2. Locally the birders are cutting the otter fences to get in to watch the rare birds. Otter fenced lakes become wildlife havens where everything is safe. The other wildlife doesnt take long to figure it out!
  3. Falling in to the trap then saving yourself there. Worst thing we do as anglers is say “I changed to this bait and caught more” because we never really know. You could go hours without a carp in the swim, change and they turn up and feed. Who’s to say you wouldn’t have caught on what you had on before. as you said right place, right time, right everything to get that bite.
  4. only on the holiday adverts on the tv!
  5. There is a magnet in the handle to hold them together. I have the standard size one and it stays together well when doing anything decent inside it. You obviously cant force it like having a proper clip but you could hold it until it crushes down or use something if you really needed to. For storage purposes the handles coming off is brilliant.
  6. Floss for me pierced and blobbed. if you’re worried about losing a bait you can always tie on a stop. I have rarely ever lost a bait no matter how hard I’ve chucked out or how much weed I’ve had to reel through!
  7. Definitely. I rarely use it, I prefer to only use my headtorch on red when necessary or citronella tealights through summer but these winter night sessions you need some light so you dont fall asleep! 😂
  8. I also needed to charge my RM light for the second time in 12 months after my friday night session. Weird coincidence!! Boilies look great, it's something I have toyed with in the past but never use with any consistency due to using the throwing stick a fair bit. coated baits dont go anywhere really.
  9. For simplicity you can’t beat a multi rig. Just two loops in coated braid. but like any rig you have to be able to tie it properly and use it properly too. imo everything has its purpose, you wouldn’t lash a supple hair rig with a bright pop up at a single show. Or use one on a crayfish infested lake. We always have to keep an open mind about rigs and use what’s appropriate based on; stock levels, angling pressure, nuisance species, crayfish, lake bottom, weed, what bait we are using, how we are baiting up, and plenty of other factors, even the genetics/physiology of the fish.
  10. If you want to use his spots then have the sticks 12ft apart otherwise you’ll end up short of those spots. i.e. if you did 11ft wraps you’d end up 10ft short, losing 1ft per wrap you did. you could always work out the additional ft required from 12ft wraps and use 11 or 10ft wraps and then not tell anyone that you do this, they’ll all fish long if they happen to find out what wraps you’re fishing at 😂 sneaky!
  11. Corkballs are your answer then. Cork dust is useless imo. You’ll end up with good wafters though. hand rolling with large cork granules works. or make your own pop up mix? No idea how though.
  12. Tell this to the carp in the pit I fished earlier this year. One 1oz lead within 20 yards and they’d move and never return!! leading around imo has to be done. Preferably on a Recce trip before fishing.
  13. I’ve done well on pop ups over particle in the past. But it can be very water dependant and how the individual fish feed too. I know Kev Hewitt published an article a long while ago about fishing double fake corn on a chod over particle and catching well too. I’m similar to yonny, I’ll fish pop ups a majority of the time over any lake bed. Only time I don’t is when using tigers or peanut hookbaits. Saying that I should probably use snowmen more often.
  14. Trying his hardest to get you blacklisted from other lakes I bet.
  15. yes mate defo agree with that! defo looks toastier!
  16. Same again. That Sherpa lining looks so warm and comfy. it was a toss up between this and the new jrc one.
  17. Quick tip. Roll them down to the boot and you’ll get them on and off easily. Don’t wear them all the time as they be insufferable. alternatively if you’re going through the summer when it’s hot, you could always just buy some £5 sea shoes and pack your trunks? Quick dip to cool down, dry off quickly and saved yourself a few quid!
  18. I dont see why it wouldnt work mate. I'd just check the ingredients to see if there is anything apart from pure salt in it!
  19. Im sure you can use it. What's your plan for it? Personally I use himalayan rock salt to add to spod mixes or to coat baits.
  20. This is key, freeze with the water its cooked in or normal water. Alternatively when defrosting make sure its covered in water or saved cooking juices. Otherwise you end up dehydrating it again. defrost 2-3 days beforehand too so it has time to soak the juices back in!
  21. Get a big stock pot from eBay, about £15 I think. Some calor gas and a big camping burner and away you go. I moved on to this set up from a burco and it’s brilliant.
  22. Defo include tigers, maybe cut the pellet out due to higher oil content, or reduce the amount of pellet. I'm down to boilie and tigers only now for the winter.
  23. Interestingly enough I clicked on 100 of the larger dots and nearly every single one seems to have some form of mitigation either ongoing or agreed to be done in the next year or two.
  24. The government wrote the Water Framework Directive pretty much word for word in to British law, they actually tightened the chemical elements which made nearly every single river fail instantly. Only issue is, the EU used to fine Britain heavily for not meeting targets...I cant see the government fining themselves can you? The water company regulators have put in to the next pricing review targets (i'm not sure thats exactly what it's called. its the AMP26 I believe) about pollution and effluent and clearing it up. I have sat in on numerous Anglian Water workshops and meetings about local SWT plants on the Nene and how they are looking to combat not only the incidents of overspill and pollution but the general outflows. Funnily enough, as one industry insider put it to me, the water that comes out a treatment works is more heavily regulated than what comes out your tap!
  25. Friend of mine is doing well on the bug
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