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  1. Thanks , looking for anyone to advise on here
  2. The ballif was on the ball and it got sorted out. But just an example of lengths people go too. Linear is well run , Chris and his team do a fantastic job , thankless task sometimes.
  3. Its madness , I was on Oxlease last year and two anglers genuinely put buckets in pegs 14 and 15. Went to collect gear from van , on arriving back to pegs two mainline sponsored anglers remaining nameless had thrown buckets over the fence and all their gear in the swims these gents had bagged.
  4. Cheers, yes it was pretty busy when I walked it recently.any other recommendations for waters in this area? Was looking at syndicates , but pretty much same fully booked up and long waiting lists. I have been fishing Linear a lot , but need to get away from the ridiculous buckets and constant when you off mate. Probably sign of the times , and no better elsewhere. Any recommendations appreciated im 12 miles from Swindon , but happy to travel.
  5. Hi , is anyone familiar with South Cerney AC ,and the waters. Does anyone fish and recommend these venues. I have heard mixed reports
  6. Thanks for the info, I currently have some wychwood c101 and riot big pits. They've not really let me down tbh. I have a preference for Diawa must admit I grew up with them. I will take a look, and get along to angling direct to have a look at the rods. I purchased a set of 10 ft riots for some of the smaller venues and are fine . Its the bigger venues I need a bit more clout and upgrade too 3.25 or 3.5 test curve.
  7. Hi looking at getting some new rods set of 3. So many on the market , I have a budget of around £500 for 3 rods and reels. Was looking at wychwoods extremis?. I know its often personal choice , just interested to know anyone here using the wychwoods
  8. Hi has anyone heard or in the know with Linears plans to open up more lakes ? And when ?
  9. Really appreciate the advice guys. I think I'll stick to mono and try fluor on one rod see how I get on .
  10. Hi all, fairly new to carp scene . I was thinking of switching from mono to fluorocarbon. But was wondering what best breaking strain to go with . Does anyone use 20lb breaking strain. Obviously its dependant on the fishing situations you are faced with , but as a general rule of thumb advice welcome please.
  11. Does anyone know of any syndicate waters in and around Swindon area. Looking to join a syndicate this year.
  12. Cheers guys great advice ill stick with the current kit
  13. Just got myself some Avid flat leads for my bag work, after watching Chris Lowe at Oxlease
  14. Hi all hope your all staying safe and well just got myself 3 10 foot rods , was just sat here thinking and wanted to ask your advice wanted to know is it adviseable to get 10 foot marker /spod rods to compliment, or can I stick with my 12 foot versions. Fairly new to carp fishing any help would be great stay safe and healthy all
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