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Club lake.


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I'm out again this weekend for another 24hrs, I'm going to be trying a different club lake Well it's a Reservoir 20 to 25 ft deep a different challenge all together, my usual lake has got a charity carp match on it which Highy is fishing and good luck to him, So I thought I would give somewhere else a go, I have pike fished it and once for the carp with nothing. But it will make a nice change. Here are a couple of pictures.Β Screenshot_20220921-171552_Photos.jpg.14f4d9b98ae38bd10987baad041e2a96.jpgScreenshot_20220921-171205_Photos.jpg.4be919acfb4206014135d6e44c393994.jpg


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I know what you mean.

Stick with your go to set up, don't change anything.Β 

It's been 3 years since I caught a decent fish. I've tried all sorts of different methods on a huge water.

This year I went to a small venue with the missus and kids, ended up fishing a stiff fluro rig that smashedΒ  my original syndicate, due to nce clean bottom. ItΒ worked, so IΒ  used that rig at my syndicate reservoir. 1st carp out, is a new pb 35lbs.Β 

Followed by a nice little common, 22lb, I wish I could get a 30+ common! But always seem to get mirrors??Β 

Hard earned, but regret not using my best rig from the start.Β 

Got the bug again, but family life is very restrictive at the moment. Social meeting there tomorrow evening.

I live in hope to get bankside in the next few weeks, this is my favourite time of year to be outπŸ₯Ί


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17 hours ago, commonly said:

Stick with your go to set up, don't change anything.Β 

This is exactly my plan, I know what the bottom is like so I know my usual multi rig approach will work fine, the main difference is fishing a much deeper water. Unfortunately my 24hrs has turned into a day session on Saturday due to being greedy and working overtime on Sunday. But it will still be great to get back on the bank. πŸ˜πŸ‘

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