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  1. the trouble with doing this is you could mess up your presentation.Also using the chod rig could cause problems unless you know how deep the silt is. I would use a pop up , ballanced. use a running rig with a light lead say 1-1 1/2 oz max.leave the lead in the silt as this will help set the hook on a take.Use a flat pear lead with a braid hooklink of about 8 inch. The pop up will rise above the silt , works the same way as the chod but you dont have to set any beads. If that makes sense.
  2. Just done a search on squabmoor but no up todate info, anybody fished it recently, Have read on other forums it was suffering from vandles targeting cars last year, can anybody shed some light .
  3. My reason for using it is large beds of mucles in the lake i fish.If i'm fishing another venue then i use a 20lb flouro leader if i need to use a choddy. Bully32. If your venue is weedy then leadcore is the last thing you should be using.For a start it won't do the job its designed for and thats sitting flat on the bed of the lake.
  4. If i where you i would stick to mainline right through to the hook length. Unless there is a reason you need to use leadcore apart from "All the names anglers use it"
  5. Advising people not to use leadcore is not education. Instructing in its correct use is.
  6. A lot of people keep mentioning the needle knot. Have you tried the needle knot, do you know what it was originally used for.?. I would never use this knot or any other for attaching leadcore to mainline.It can and will prevent beads and clips from coming off the leader.The line should be spliced onto the leader so if your line does break there is a clear end for tackle to be safley ejected. Any knot in any line will weaken it so increasing your chances of a break.Also a line of no less than 15lb should be used with leadcore.
  7. If you buy a day and night ticket then you can fish 24hrs. day only is from 1 hr before dawn till 1 hr after dusk.
  8. Education not condemnation.
  9. Spliced to the mainline. No knots to obstruct end tackle ie, lead clips, beads. needle knot could stop these coming free so could the loop to loop.
  10. Have just checked with a friend who works at heathrow, as long as the ingrediants are not on the destinations banned list( places like australia) then you can take as much as you want( boilies are classed as food items) Taking them in hand luggage is fine as long as it weighs less than 5 kg anything over 5kg has to be checked into the hold.As for glugs they have to go in the hold as they are liquids and the 100ml rule applies.
  11. Are European friends view fresh water fish in a completely differet light than us brits, Carp and catfish has been on the menu for hundreds of years. What we have to realise is its in thier culture to eat carp , and its not are place to question this. Its common place for the spanish to eat catfish and as its thier country you are fishing in i think it only right to respect that. How would you feel if people from aother country started trying to ban certain food here, You would protest im sure. When you are in another country you have to go with the flow or go home simple as that.
  12. Sandhurst is fully booked every weekend from march till end of july. A few spaces in the diary for weekday fishing but not many.
  13. Very well put jonezy.On certain venues i use leadcore to great effect. Always set up with mainline spliced to the leader and a drop off lead.never use alooped leader.As for the lead clips i always have to cut the rubber down as i think that is the problem , the rubber is to long and can be pushed on to far preventing the the clip from doing its job.
  14. I'm not going into the whole leadcore debate as everybody has thier own opinion on its use, what i would say is if you are using it don't buy the ready made leaders, they are looped at both ends and will not eject rig componants.Buy a spool from esp, fox etc.You will also wany to buy a few drop off leads, these will come off on every take when set correctly. also splice your mainline to the leader do not use a loop in the leadcore as this can prevent rig componants being ejected.
  15. pits 1&2 are more pleasure angling, there are a few nice fish to be had though. It gets very busy throughout the spring ,summer then starts to quieten down about mid november through to march. Tbh your best getting a silver ticket from cemex and fish all thier silver venues.
  16. Just buy weighted tubing. Leadcore will only hug the bottom if the bottom is flat the same with tubing. You are better off using mainline straight through with putty or sinkers attached.
  17. # dont say that please thats wher the social is being held would like at least 1 looks like i may just be getting drunk lol Not everybody struggles on sandy mate. I wouldn't worry to much, The fish are starting to feed again after the big freeze so come march they will be right on to all the bait going in. Fished right you will have a few out over the weekend. What swim have you got? will see if i can help you out a bit.
  18. I am struggling with south this season for some reason. Had quite a few out but cant seem to get into the large few this season. As for sandy ive hammered the place over the last few seasons. Infact i havn't had a blank in the last dozen visits.I have my favourite swims that i know will produce under the right conditions. Trick is to head away from the crowd. Head towards the nursery/copse. I'm back on the south on monday, fished wednesday and had 2 out ,but that was a struggle. maybe i will do better monday?.
  19. its changed alot mate. been lots of work done over the last couple of years. Its a nice water to fish, not easy by any means ,harder than sandhurst. But the fish come out and they are nice fish in great condition.There are a few double swims on the lake so if your going with friends you will be able to double up . Forgot to say before but mainline fusion is the prefered boilie on the south,tiped with plastic corn. Scottie and the lads (bailiffs) will fill you in on any hotsots in your swim , they are a great bunch of lads who want everybody to catch and have a great time. Have a good one mate hope you get jaffa (the big common )
  20. Just fished southlake today, not fishing that good at the moment although thay are on the feed .As for tips ,swim wise i would say the best swims are the Boss swim, About 20yds out fish the drop off. The point swim ,lots of open water to target. Alans swim, fish just right of the swim into the bay and try and get your rig under the branches of the big tree.The garden gate swim, about 40yds there is a bar fish the front of the bar where it meets the weed. swims 6,7,8 also have the bar in thier swims. Also the nightmare good holdup swim.Bait wise maze or corn, if using boilies i would go for 10mm or dumbell as they are wise to the usuall 14-16mm boilies. corn tipped boilies have worked for me in the past aswell. No nuts allowed including tigers. Bait lightly to start ,when the fish are on your bait then top up the swim with small bags.I wouldn't bother with a spod as they will spook.The bottom is a mix of gravel, sand,silt and weed, just lead around to find the hard bottom. anymore info required just ask.
  21. Ive checked out swlt and the res outside of exeter looks a good place so does the ship canal. Newton abbot aa has restrictions on it to people living within a set distance from newton. I think swlt will be my best bet. Maybe catch you on the bank sometime.
  22. I'm moving to exmouth in july from berkshire and i am looking into waters in the area. I currently fish yateley, wreysbury and dinton and have been struggling to find a syndicate with a good head of big fish in the area. I have applied to a syndicate in cullompton ,Do you know of any more around the exeter area that are taking on new members.
  23. there is a few around the bracknell area, going for a walk around yateley today and a lake near maidenhead to check conditions.will let you know what frost free tonight fella.
  24. I had my PB best from there and it was a leather, beautiful fish. Good day ticket water, was on the lakes with the animal park where the paying public can walk around the lake as well. Thats try lakes next door. Not run by cemex. holds 30lb fish now though i believe. Another good water for a 30 is southlake yateley. not as prolific as sandy but still some nice fish in there.
  25. There is still a few decent fish in there,don't think it will trouble the place to much.
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