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  1. Hi all Just started to ues pva solid bags as the lake i fish is just ramed with weed. i can make up the bags ok but how long o you leave the out for before you recast a new pva bag out?
  2. Hi all looking to fish pine pool in the next couple of weeks. Just after some info on what its like never fished it before and any tips. thanks
  3. hi all looking to get 2 new rods got about £300 to £350 to spend any ideas what to go for?
  4. Hi all what's the difference between txi & txi +
  5. Hi all looking for some new bite alarms can you all help me decide what to go for??? Delkim txi Att's Nash sirens thanks john
  6. i got the korum fibreshield umbrella in the end well impressed with it.
  7. Hi all looking for a new light & quick to put up day shelter. i have been looking at the korum fibershield umbrella & the nash h-gun oval umbrella. can any one help me which is the best one to go for?
  8. Did you soak the line before you put it on your spools? no did not soak the line.
  9. will have to get me a spin doctor thanks for the help
  10. Hi All Just started using fluorocarbon mainline but it keeps twisting up what am i doing Wrong
  11. hi all, what are the best type of boilies to use, some people say that frozen are the best what do you all think
  12. its the bird watcher that are making the stink about it it has always been fished but not in closed season before. it has been fished for about 30 years this was a trial run
  13. how long will this last just for the closed season???
  14. Hi all what is a SSSI site are waters got one on it.Can any body help
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