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  1. Thanks for all your posts. Alot of these things are a mystery to me - i've never used leadcore or these float stops, or putty. Have I been missing something over the years. The rigs I use are ones when I first fished for carp fifteen years ago. Also, the post re slack lines - I have only ever used slack lines for margin fishing. Is this not the case or can you use it anytime. I have the coated hooklength stuff - which is the best way to use that with silt and these sorts of rigs. I know you can strip a bit here and a bit there but have never really thought of why you would do this or have ever tried it really. Thanks
  2. thanks fellas. is there any particular rig that's better than others and am i better off with flat leads or does it not really make that much difference.
  3. I am spending a weekend on a lake down south and it is supposedly a hard water. I want my rigs to be spot on as at the moment I don't give my rigs much attention as they haven't really ever let me down (or have they?). Anyway, it has a silty bottom and an avergae depth of about 10feet with plenty of features. Could somebody point me in the right direction please. I've been searching for ages but can't seem to find anything. Also, I don't really want to use lead core. Thanks
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