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  1. Thanks for the advice, maybe I'll just stick to Active 8 then.
  2. Hi Guys I'm fairly new to Carp fishing. I'm finding choosing a bait extremely confusing since there are literally hundreds of different products to choose from. I've tried: Dynamite Baits Pineapple boilies Mainline Active 8 Orca Baits boilies (from ebay) Mini boilies from an offer in angling times. To be honest I have had sucess on the ebay bait and the mini boilies which I find most confusing. If you were in my position, what boilie would you choose? I'm fishing a few commercial waters that are pretty busy most of the time and it seems to be experimentation is the key but I find I am taking more and more bait with me each time I go and when I don't get a bite think I must try something else. If you could choose just one bait what would it be? (Nuts are banned)
  3. After taking up carp fishing in November having not fished for over 15 years I have finally landed my first carp... followed by 10 more on Saturday. This one is just over 4lbs and the biggest was just over 9lbs. I'm not going to break any records but I am thrilled to get off the mark and am confident that my rigs, bait and stick mix are all working. thanks for all the advice on this site, its helped me learn so much.
  4. Thanks for the advice guys, think I need to be a bit less stingy
  5. Hi Guys I'm fairly new to the sport and have been taken the "oppertunity" to try and learn as much as I can while the weather has really prevented us getting out on the banks. I've been watching a lot of stuff on the internet, programmes like Thinking Tackle. Now, I appreciate these guys are gonna be getting their bait for free so they can afford to chuck a bit of bait in, but they are putting in like 3kg at a time!!!! Last time I bought a kg of boilies was in September and I still have some left... I think I've managed to get approx 5 day sessions in this time. I have been experimenting with plastic baits etc though. I would probably get through on average half a kg in a day session. What amounts of bait do you lot find you have been using? It could be that I am being way too tight and could up my catch rate by increasing the amount of bait I use? I also got a spod rod for xmas, hopefully gonna get out this weekend. What amounts of particles/no. of spods are you lot putting out? cheers
  6. Without sounding like a complete fish geek there was an article recently in practicle fishkeeping magazine (yes I know I'm sad) about setting a biotope tank for the good old British Stickleback. If your interested send me your email over pm and I'll scan it for you.
  7. I keep tropical fish and like to think I know a fair bit about them. I personally do not think its a great idea to keep Carp in that size of tank, relativly speaking it is pretty small. (I have 3 tanks all bigger than that). Not only will you be putting the carps health at risk, the amount of waste you produce you could have big problems with Algae too. I have found this out the hard way be stocking too many tropicals in a tank. I also completly disagree with the statements about fish only growing to their environment. This may be true to an extent that by keeping them in too smaller spaces it will stunt their growth as water quality will not be good enough etc. Its my opinion that just because a fish does not die in a tank it does not mean it is fit and healthy. I don't mean to offend anyone by the above statements, each to their own, this is just my opinion.
  8. I'm going down on the Saturday. Will have to be early doors as I have other things on late Sat afternoon and on Sunday. A couple of the lads went last year and think its worth a trip.
  9. Hi Guys Does anyone know any day ticket waters that are likely to be open this weekend? Desperate to get out on the banks!!! I live just outside of Slough so anywhere within a 20 mile radius I suppose. Cheers
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