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  1. They're so you can hang the inner boxes on the outside.
  2. I'm 5' 6" and use 13' 3.5tc rods. Height means almost nothing if you have a good technique.
  3. That sounds more than reasonable, thank you. I imagine that's going to be quite a shopping bill lol. Gimme 10 minutes & I'll Paypal you.
  4. Radiohead, Street spirit mash up.
  5. Have a look at Avid bag stems They're a great bit of kit.
  6. This saddens me. He took a lot of stick for Carp Crew, but I enjoyed his approach. He may not have been to everyones taste, but he was memorable.
  7. This is one of the best threads I've read in ages. It's chuffing hilarious. Every one of us has taken a mate to a lake & told him good/known spots. "I've caught well from here." or "That gravel bar, 50 yards out." etc. Yet sharing info with people you know is a bad idea??? Whether you use your memory, a notebook or the latest tech to record information. It makes no difference at all. Whatever works for you is all that matters. Knocking another because their method is different to mine would be both elitist & utterly pointless. We all go fishing for our own reasons, we all get something different from it.
  8. Drennan continental boilie hooks, if you can find them.
  9. Ace Riga-Mortis or Amnesia.
  10. Listen to this man. Many years ago, he was kind enough to give me a lot of advice about this venue. Thanks to him I have some great memories of the place
  11. After using the stick over a 3 day session, I can put 18mm boilies about 130 yards (when I hit it right) I'm confident that with more practice the consistency & distance will improve. Overall, I'm very happy with this purchase.
  12. I saw 4 of them. You only needed 3
  13. There's a very simple & effective trick for Tigernuts at Churn Pool. Step 1. Distract Andy. I've found beer or a single malt to be very effective. Step 2. Steal his Tigernuts.
  14. They were discontinued years ago, very hard to find these days.
  15. Fox Bonsai IG (inner guide) Great for getting through undergrowth to the peg, but very limited casting.
  16. Champagne & cheesy chips? You always were a class act Ian. I'm more of a Bourbon & pizza man. I like to start the day off right.
  17. As usual, you are quite right. I haven't given you a reason to stab me in a long time, there's a lot of catching up to do. It's gonna take a steak pie of epic proportions for you to have a chance.
  18. Well, 5 days for delivery. That's not too bad. The stick itself looks great, it's long & incredibly light as you'd expect. I'm not so sure about the case though. It's little more than a padded sock, that you put on from top to bottom. So the base of the stick has little protection. Time will tell, I guess. I'll update this post when I've used the stick.
  19. Roll on. Just ordered the stick. Hopefully delivery won't take too long.
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