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  1. Im sorry to say that you are thinking of AC alternating current, with DC direct current if you connect the unit the wrong way round it will blow it, unless they have fitted an idiot diode which only allows current to flow the correct way, if they have then it just doesn't work all you do then is swap them around.
  2. Yes, but a bit of an overkill, I bought a 2.8amp lipo battery and charger on ebay for £8.20 and if you look at the pictures above my battery is stuck to the back of the unit
  3. Sorry to say that information is incorrect, the higher the current on the battery means your device will last longer, the echo sounder display unit draws about 82 milliamperes which means a 12 volt 1 amp battery will last just over ten hours,no need for any added resistors.
  4. Yes mate, are you still waiting for the bracket for the sounder?
  5. This is my unit fitted my my Waverunner MK4 I put the extra switch on the transmitter unit so I can turn it off when not in use
  6. No the internal boat battery will be ok, the unit only draws a few milliamps
  7. I have just fitted one of these to my own boat but the Transducer is fitted in the hull, and I purchased a battery that fits to the back of the sounder
  8. Thinking of you all at this very sad time Mick, hope you can make it mate
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