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  1. I have got a set of them, initially I brought just the one but I ended up buying 3 ! I am fishing in France at the moment, but I can measure 1 when I'm back home .
  2. I've not fished it for a few years but I've had a few out. I find that if it is busy the fish switch off. I done well on halibut pellets fished near to the island and the margins fish very well, but the island is snaggy in places so watch out. Last time i fished it I had some idiot casting from the otherside of the lake into the margin of the swim next to me, so watch out for that!!! Quite a few get caught on the top aswell so that's worth a try! The bailiff is a nice guy and will give you advice. If the specimen lake is busy the match lake is always worth a cast, good for a bend in the rod and there is quite a lot of mid doubles and 20,s which come out quite regularly.
  3. Juat leave them as they are, I've never had any issues with mine.
  4. That is a good price ! Stick a carp brand logo on it and it would be at least £100
  5. Total fishing tackle website have got some good deals in the sale section. Got rods and reals at good prices some good brands as well like sonic, shimano etc, just incase anyone is looking !
  6. Zigs could be worth a try, thanks for your comments. Had a quick look down there yesterday and saw a nice mirror of about 20lb in one of the same spots close in! Hoping to get an evening session in on Friday.
  7. Thanks for all your replies, some good ideas there some of which I never thought of. I think putting a bit of bait in reguarly is the key, I have prebaited other stretches without success but now that I have located fish I think I'm in for a better chance. Is that you in th picture gaz with that carp ? I remember reading that article recently it is out of the same canal that I'm fishing !
  8. Hi guys, I have been doing a few short sessions on the canal lately mainly in the heat, stalking armed with a surface fishing set up. After searching and walking miles and miles I have finally found a quiet section which is holding carp. Every time I visit I usually see anything between 3 and 8 carp all ranging from mid double up to 30lb plus,( which is quite a lot of fish to spot in one area on the canal as it is not like your usual high stocked carp venue). I had one out off the top a few weeks ago around 13lb (probably the smallest one in there but was chuffed with the capture as it is tricky on there and don't think it contains too many carp in there, but the carp in there are stunning and go up to mid 30,s and have never seen a carp out under 13lb) My question is, how would you tackle this scenario ? All of the carp spotted are usually cruising on the surface and there is 2 or 3 spots the carp always return to and are always there! I have only been doing short sessions of a few hours. I have only tried surface fishing in the heat these last few weeks and on several occasions have drifted my bait over the heads of the carp but they are not interested, maybe it is due to the heat? The section is very weedy there is gaps in the weed but could be tricky fishing on the bottom for them. I'm hoping to get out for a night session in the next week or so and fish one of the spots "behind the rods" Just curious to see how others would tackle this situation?
  9. Thanks for your replies guys ! I've never tried the chod rig out until recently and the first time using it was successful, so it is definitely a rig I want to use more. I also like the anti tangle properties ! I know not everyone is a fan of the chod rig but It is a rig I will be trying out more often.
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